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Well, no, we’re not really shopping for reels, although maybe it would help our fishing. I was instead just thinking about the mnemonic which describes the pecking order for right of way on the water:

New Reels Catch Fish So Purchase Some – or NRCFSPS.

  1. Nuc (Not Under Command)
  2. Ram (Restricted In Ability To Maneuver)
  3. Cbd (Constrained By Draft)
  4. Fishing. (Commercial only, all types except trolling)
  5. Sailing
  6. Powerboat
  7. Seaplane

How often do we run into seaplanes when out on the water? Well, so far we haven’t but interestingly there is a seaplane landing strip in the bay leading towards our marina.

And you can see in a the pic below a couple of our dock neighbours who were in the marina several weeks ago. So it is possible. Even though the mnemonic above indicates that we have right of way over a seaplane, I’m pretty sure that we’d be working to get out of his way!

One thing I found interesting was watching the seaplanes get into their slip. After cutting the engines nearby the pilot actually got out on the pontoon with a paddle to get his plane close enough to throw a line to shore.

On an entirely different topic, we have been successfully avoiding the thunderstorms that have been occurring every afternoon for the past few days. As a reward last night we were treated to this beautiful rainbow overtop of our friends’ boat, Pirate Jenny.