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It’s strange but up to this point I seem to only associate doing repairs and chores on the boat with being tied to the dock. While at anchor I feel much less inclined to do things like that. Given that we plan to stay “on the hook” the majority of the time, it’s about time I get over that!

Yesterday while anchored Rebecca and I each had a couple of smaller repair tasks to do. One job that she took on was sewing new velcro onto the lifesling case. Sadly this has to be done by hand and not with her new sewing machine. It’s taking her a while. 🙁

My morning task took a lot less time. Somehow (don’t ask!) a screw went from one of the berths, through the wall so that it was sticking out into the cockpit near the traveller. Like I said, don’t ask! I had to remove the screw and fill the hole with epoxy before replacing it with a shorter screw. Getting the epoxy into the little hole seemed like it would best be done with a syringe. Pictured below are two West Systems syringes which sell for $4.99. Along side them are some that I purchased from the pharmacy for $0.25 each. Are the West Systems ones better? Well, yes, I think so. They are bigger and go down to a smaller point. Are they THAT MUCH better???

Not to worry though… once the chores were done we still had plenty of time for fun! Yes, the fish (a rock bass perhaps?) was tasty!


  1. Fresh-caught fish is ALWAYS tasty! Especially if caught and cooked on your own boat!

    • We still need a fish recognition book. The ID chart that Matt recommended to us a few posts ago helped to ID that particular fish.

      • Largemouth bass maybe?

        BTW, you will need fishing permits along much of the ICW. Maryland is sticky about it, and I have been asked for them 3x in 2 years. Off-shore, not so much, but check on the web. You are required to register to fish US off-shore waters, but there is no fee in most states (each one is different) at this time.

        I’ve taken to replacing Velcro with other fasteners (ties or snaps) since it doesn’t last in the sun for beans. All of the Velcro fell off of my Lifesling bag, though the bag itself was very sound.

        • Now you tell us about the velcro!

          I had assumed there would be some licenses involved for fishing in the US. That is one more thing on my research list.

  2. I would recommend you ask Rebecca to marry you again and renew your vows and she wear that dress

  3. Rock bass are easy to tell, they’ve got red eyes. Pretty unmistakeable. You can usually tell before you even get them in the boat too, because of the way they fight once you hook them.

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