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While Wednesday’s adventure was all about the surf (snorkeling), yesterday we ventured onto the turf to do some hiking.

Salt Pond Bay on St. John is a great place to begin a wonderful hike. A well-established trail leads from the beach area to a high rocky outcropping known as Ram Head. Rebecca and I had done this trail once before but this was the first time that we’ve had a chance to take Michael along with us on one of our hikes and he was eager to join us. About mid-morning the three of us swam to shore from the boat and the photos easily tell the rest. The second last image shows who was waiting for us when we swam back to the boat… Barry!

Making new friends wherever we go.

Does he look happy?

Not a white sand beach but still beautiful.

Also called Barrel Cactus, Pope’s Head or Compass Plant (because they tend to tilt toward the south). They are round or barrel-shaped and can grow in hard, rocky, windswept, and sun-drenched environments where little else can survive. The small pink fruit is edible.

And up they go.

On our previous hike we considered trying to climb down there.

Michael is going to have to hike with us from now on so that we don’t have to resort to taking Selfies.

That’s far enough back!


It’s a long way down!


What goes up must go down.

Back in the shade of the trees.

Not as cool as an Eagle Ray but still interesting to me.

He’s following us!

A view of Ram Head as we left the area yesterday afternoon.