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One day, while scanning our blog’s statistics page, I came across a link to a boating forum where someone posed the innocent question, “How do I stay in shape while cruising?” This type of inquiry seems to come up semi-frequently on these forums (one can only discuss ground tackle so much, right?), and as sometimes happens, because of the workout stuff we often post, our blog gets linked during the ensuing discussion. On the occasions when I take the time to visit and read through these threads, I most often find them littered with armchair advice from people who likely haven’t exercised a day in the last 10 years. The original poster will typically be told to swim, walk to the grocery store, or my favorite, not to worry because “you don’t need to exercise as you’ll get enough of a workout just being on a moving boat.” I can just picture the overweight and unhealthy types throwing out that kind of crap. Anyone can be an expert on the internet I guess. Hell, just look at us! 🙂

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Seriously though, when it comes to working out, I do consider ourselves to be experts, and unlike some of those who only spout off theory, we continue to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, even after leaving our martial arts and fitness gym behind us in Canada.

TRX RIP Trainer is available here!

In addition to helping me keep current with this blog, Rebecca has written a number of posts on the subject of fitness and health. You’ll find workouts, in text, image and video format, and tips that she has found helpful during her quest to stay healthy while on the move. If you’re eager to jump right to the videos, here is the link to our YouTube channel.

You’ll no doubt see that in several of our published videos we are exercising with devices called suspension trainers, either the TRX or the aeroSling Elite. It should come as no surprise to anyone following along in our blog that we love these tools! In our opinion, they are the perfect match for the traveller looking to keep in shape. They are both small, lightweight, durable, and super versatile. They can easily be attached on just about any boat in seconds, and can just as easily be taken ashore to use on some nice, sandy beach!

Purchase your aeroSling Elite here!

Before shedding their land-based encumbrances and setting sail, many people have concerns about leaving their government or corporate health care behind. In our minds, fitness and proper nutrition is the front line of remaining healthy. If you agree, give Rebecca’s posts a look, and then make the commitment to follow along with us in some of the workouts that we enjoy.


  1. Sailors ( in training) and Martial artists Cool!

  2. by golly that lady !! really is in good shape !!!

  3. Hi Mike & Rebecca

    Were hooked!!!! Love the TRX . Just what the Doctor ordered. We will order one through the link on your website.
    It was nice to meet you guys today. Looking forward to a trip to Waupoos perhaps.
    Great Website!!!!! I like the Trx demo to!

    Terry & Anneke
    Pirate Jenny

    • Hi guys

      Very nice to meet you (again) today! We definitely hope that we can get out sailing together this season. Your boat Pirate Jenny is a beauty!

      As for the TRX, we really do think it is perfect for sailors/cruisers. If you want some tips on how to use it once you get yours just come and find us. Rebecca teaches both group classes and private sessions with the TRX and would be happy to help.


  4. I love your website, I have just started cruising and would like to know how you hook up your TRX and to what? My boat is a monohull, Sabre 34.

    Keep the great emails coming, thanks.


    • Hi MB

      Thank you.

      We attach our TRX to a loop of line wrapped around our mast. We have used the TRX on several monohulls and in some cases, have found their foredecks to be even better for an exercise area than the tramp on our cat. If you have (or get) a TRX please send us a pic of you using it on your boat. We’d love to see it. By the way, if you haven’t yet purchased a TRX and you do so through the affiliate links on this site, we’d really appreciate it! 🙂

  5. […] our Zero to Cruising blog, in the Shipshape section, Mike wrote about how much we love the TRX. Well, I’m going to bring it up again […]

  6. Hi guys, I like your website and its good to see you are enjoying yourselves but isn’t asking for “donations” a bit below your dignity? Come on, either figure out a way to actually pay for all those drinks at the beach bar on your own or pack it in. You don’t expect the rest of us to pay for your extended vacation do you?

    Other wise, nice website.

  7. Love Love Love this page! You two are an inspiration! <3 Keep posting!!

  8. I will totally try this! HEY if I get anywhere near the results you guys have I’ll be overjoyed! Love it!

  9. I found your blog by accident when researching the TRX. We use it at the kickboxing studio I go to and I had to have one once I saw your video clips. Is there any way you can post a picture of how you have yours rigged up on the boat? We have a Valiant 40 and would love to use it there! I read the above description, just would love a pic to show my husband since he isn’t as familiar with the TRX.

  10. I’m so glad I met you both the night before I headed back to Shanty Creek in Michigan. It was such fun to be included in your cocktail party before the BBQ. Scott and Brittany are so lucky to be your friends and join you in firefighting, sailing, and drinking. Now I see why your both in such excellent physical shape! Good luck in your next journey and hopefully I’ll see you again. Thanks so much for the rum and wine! I will be following your blog along with windraveler.


  11. Hey guys,

    Great site. The TRX seems like a perfect sailing tool for working out. But don’t you sometimes miss using weights? I get that you have space and weight limitations, but have you looked at a Power Block? Leaving weight out of the equation for now, you can get a full set of dumbbells that fit in a 2x2x1 area. The bigger question then becomes the weight. Is it possible o sacrifice 100 pounds of payload to carry a set…

    • Hi John

      Yes, we love the TRX and think it’s ideal. Although Rebecca and I have done plenty of weight training in the past, carrying weights on board our boat, even a package as efficient as PowerBlocks, isn’t really in the cards. On a bigger boat, perhaps. Rebecca does quite regularly do sandbag workouts though, using a duffel filled with line and chain (which have other purposes). That is a great adjunct to the TRX.

  12. OMG! I recently came across the TRX and want one soooo bad. In the process of searching training with the TRX I found your blog. My husband and I live on a 33 ft Endeavor sailboat. While we don’t have as much room (on our boat) as you I do feel I could use at the marina. Thanks for your tips! once I get mine I will come back for more! Happy cruising!!!

    • Hi Rosamaria

      We have used the TRX on several monohulls and in some cases, it is an even better platform for exercises than our cat is. You may be surprised when you get yours (after ordering from our affiliate link hopefully) and try it out.


  13. Great stuff keep going

  14. […] on over to my cyber cruising pals Michael and Rebecca at and click on their Shipshape page – be sure to watch the video.  I am not so much not in their league as playing another […]

  15. Hi folks. Just gave you a quick mention on my blog. After a year of various injuries, I’m back working out again. Hope all is well with you both. Sarah

  16. […] Many folks do calisthenics, Pilates or yoga on their boats. I have a space just large enough to roll out a yoga mat where I can do my morning routine. Rebecca and Mike Sweeney on the boat Zero to Cruising have turned their catamaran into a mobile gym with a TRX suspension training system that allows you to use your own body weight as resistance. You can go to their website and see videos of Rebecca doing workout: […]

  17. I was concerned about fitness on me future cat. Then, I bought a Concept 2 Ski Erg, and fell in love with it so much that I decided to put one on me boat when time comes.

  18. […] Many folks do calisthenics, Pilates or yoga on their boats. I have a space just large enough to roll out a yoga mat where I can do my morning routine. Rebecca and Mike Sweeney on the boat Zero to Cruising have turned their catamaran into a mobile gym with a TRX suspension training system that allows you to use your own body weight as resistance. You can go to their website and see videos of Rebecca doing workout: […]

  19. Hi – I’ve just stumbled across your website properly and read about your fitness training onboard. This is great stuff!! We are just under a year away from casting off our lines and I’ll certainly be taking a closer look at your youtube video and tips. Thank you thank you from the UK>

  20. I sent this to my GF. She is a body builder and I am the sailor in our relationship as well. .. . we are planning to make sail for the horizon after our respective kids go to college in a few years. She will be very excited to see that you can still get a good workout on deck! 🙂

    Still tracking your adventure in a few formats. Keep up the good work!

  21. Hey guys, just curious how the workout routine may have changed with the move on to Frost.

  22. How fun!!! Suspension training and calisthenics should definitely serve you guys well on the boat.

  23. Love your fitness posts, about 4 years ago I was searching for this and couldn’t find anything! Working out on a sailboat is so a must, can’t let the alcohol and happy hour food win!


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