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The following pages house a list of books and videos that we purchased for our library, as well as a list of websites that we studied and/or consulted during our research phase! It will, like the rest of this site, be permanently Under Construction. We will continue to add helpful resources as we come across them.

Please note that some of the links included on those pages may direct you to affiliate pages such as For those of you not familiar with how affiliate marketing works, if you choose to purchase one of those items after following our link, we will receive a small (I mean really TINY) commission from the sale while you still get the best price available. The seller pays the commission, not you. Please consider using these links when you make your purchases as, even though the commission we earn is tiny, every little bit helps to fund our adventures. Thank you!


  1. Do you recall the measurement of your PDQ from water surface to the top most point when the mast was stepped and fastenef on deck?

  2. You’re one of two – that pursuaded us to go cruising full time (Matt & Jessica we’re the other).

    Our blog address is

    Thanks – Jeff & Cristol
    S/V Delayed Gratification

  3. Hi Mike,
    We do not update any more, but the site is still active and you can find a link to our blog which is updated about 2-3 times/week.
    Everything is of course in Swedish. Have tried google translate on it, and is far from prefect but not that bad.

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