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  1. Lots of great pics!

  2. Christie & Matt of s/v Kaleo

    Gorgeous photos guys! You have such a creative eye for capturing these images at the right moment and angle. Making us with we would have continued south with these :o).

  3. You’ve got some great shots there guys!

  4. We thought we’d stop in and say hello – we’ve been following your BLOG for a couple of months now and thought we should introduce ourselves lol. Kudos to you, 300 plus days into your trip – you look like PROs. Having a fitness background myself, I really love how you’ve integrated fitness into your current lifestyle… I’ve been wondering how I was going to fit exercise into daily routine… Dave and I just bought our “sailaway” boat (aka new home) and brought her home a couple of weeks ago… (this summer we’re getting her prepped and learning how things work on her) and the countdown begins for us as well… leaving summer of 2012….can’t wait !! Reading blogs like yours is fun, but makes it all that much harder to “count down” as we want to leave NOW, especially when we see you having so much fun !!

    Take care,
    Dave and Alexandra

    • Hi guys

      Thanks for the comment. Staying fit on the boat requires a bit of effort just like it does when at home. The TRX is great and we love it but I’m sure you’ll figure out some other things too as we have. Please stay in touch and let us know how your preparations go.

  5. Ahhhhh! The spice island!
    We expect an essay on the 10,000 uses for nutmeg.

  6. Ohhhh, look at all of those spices!!! Did you buy a bunch? I would!!!!

    Am hating being back in BC and just wish I had stayed in the Caribbean. Just not bothered to come back. Sigh. It’s going to be a long summer/fall/winter (IF we ever see a summer).

    • We bought a little bit in the market, but mostly just to support a couple of the ladies there. We’ll go back another time to do some real shopping.

  7. It is so cool looking at these pictures, since I have been there, and now being able to recognize where they were taken. 🙂

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