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Where does grocery shopping turn into a big social affair? In Grenada it does, or at least, for cruisers around here.

Several times each week, bus trips to go shopping are organized and yesterday, along with our friends, we decided to get in on one. It’s a good thing we did too because our food stores were so low we were down to eating peanut butter and crackers!

We first dinghied over to Secret Harbor Marina where we met up with Joe, our driver for the excursion. Rebecca and I piled into the bus (a minivan actually) with 8 other people, not at all crowded by Grenadian bus standards. From the marina, the bus driver will take the passengers anywhere they want to go along the main route, reaching from Budget Marine on one end to Island Water World, another chandlery, at the other. We stopped at 2 banks, a hardware store, 2 grocery stores and after shopping was over, a little roadside stand (van actually) to purchase doubles (a spicy vegetarian mixture wrapped in 2 tortilla-type shells) for lunch. MMMmmmm! The cost for the trip? $10.00 EC per person, round trip. For those who are not aware, $1.00 EC equals approx. $0.37 US, so in other words, this was a great deal. Not only that, it’s probably the easiest time and the most fun we’ve had shopping since setting out cruising.

Today we’re going to brave the actual public bus system and head to St. George’s, the capital city of Grenada, to explore by ourselves.

We are anchored right at the end of Hog Island. Although our spot is nice and protected, we can hear the waves breaking gently on the nearby reef. If we look south, there is nothing in between us and Trinidad. Very cool!

Jogging along the highway is not so cool.
I think we would be safer braving a tropical storm while at sea.

Looking south over Clarke’s Court Bay.

Gotta love those palm trees.

Now THIS is how you cut the grass island style!

Perhaps we need another crew member like our friends on Snowbird.


  1. Have you guys met Bill Dietrich on Magnolia? He is bouncing around there somewhere. His blog is at looks like he is currently around the corner in Mt. Hartman Bay

  2. Great shot at the bar guys! Wish I could join you for a few. I’ll be in St John’s in one week. Trying to get all my writing done ahead so I can party more. Cheers.

  3. Those two coconut palms should give Rebecca a nice new pole dancing challenge. A work out on one of those should get the heart rate up!

  4. Did you buy any Crocs on your shopping trip?

  5. You guys are going to get bored there 🙂

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