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Many people have probably given up hope that this blog will ever regain its lost luster. Rather than make promises, I will simply say that Rebecca and I have been making some BIG, long-term plans, not the least of which is that we have finally decided to offer our beloved ZTC for sale (or sail if you prefer 🙂 ). While that won’t formally take place until we recommission her after sailing One Love to Grenada later this summer, the decision is solid. Details on that and future happenings will be posted as they are firmed up. Until then, keep dreaming… we have never stopped!


  1. Hope you are selling ZTC with plans to buy a larger vessel.

  2. Congrats on your continued success. Your story (& this blog) have been such a great picture into the difference between the fantasy of such a dramatic life change from this hustle & bustle of the western lifestyle. It just goes to show, how taking ownership of your plans and then acting on them can have such positive impact on your life! Best wishes on your continued journey & can’t wait to read about it!

  3. I do hope these new plans of yours include sailing and the life that goes with it. You guys are like family members at our household as dinner discussions often include the latest events that unfold on ZTC and OneLove.

  4. Hi Mike, Rebecca – glad to hear. What you have done aboard ZTC is very cool. What you are doing aboard One Love is also very cool. So I am sure your next step, whenever it happens, will also be super very cool. Hopefully (to me) you guys will still be in the Caribbean when we make it there. Good luck with ZTC, and look forward to the upcoming stories. Cheers

  5. Hope to meet up with you this summer in Granada. We are currently in STT starting our trip down island next week when the winds lay down on our new to us home Caribbean Dream.

  6. Hey Mike
    I have been following you guys from the beginning and have always felt a closeness to you two being fellow southern Ontarioites . Getting out there and following your dreams has been an inspiration for sure .I am looking forward to the next phase of your adventure . I appreciate you sharing so much of your lives with us
    Now from Lunenburg NS

  7. I am always happy to see the success of others… Sail on!

  8. May the next BHAG be as rewarding as the last!

  9. Probably a good decision…hate to see a good boat sitting on land for too long. Good luck with whatever the future holds for you guys. Still hope to see you down island…since it looks like we are finally making some progress on heading that way ourselves.


  10. That is definitely a big step to sell your pride and joy. I just bought a newer Harley and will have to sell my 1982 classic Harley. I kind of know how it feels to part with such a precious “friend”.
    I hope you both plan to do as I have done, which is to purchase something else. For me it is a step up. I can’t believe it’s been so long since you were enjoying my fries in Picton! Hopefully we’ll all reunite someday either there or here. Until then keep up the hard work and enjoy your down time. After reading your posts for this long I have no doubt your will do both. Mark K.

  11. Good luck with your new adventures.

    D & Don

  12. No luster lost as far as I am concerned! Sail on sailors!

  13. Hey Mike and Rebecca, I’m excited to hear about your up coming adventures. I hope you continue to blog about them. It was great meeting you last year on as a guest on One Love. We have just sold our over sized home and most of our “stuff” and we are renting until next sumer when we are going to move on to our boat. Our new adventure is starting to become reality and Tracy and I can’t wait.

  14. Best of luck ! I might be interested in ZTC. Keep me in the loop

  15. You’ll be able to start saving for an Antares 44i.

    e.g. (

  16. All the best you two. Looking forward to the next chapter…
    Next year, if all goes well, SV Lady J will be splashed.

    Fred and phyllis

  17. Looking forward to your next adventure.


  18. That has to be the right decision. Boats don’t do well on land. It will be a sad loss, but all being well a bigger better future.


    I hope you manage to keep this blog going. Maybe that is just me being selfish, but I hope you do.


  19. Good luck on the next chapter.

    As someone who stumbled upon your blog by accident and began reading I cant say i’m not a little disappointed as I had come to rely on reading of your adventures and somewhat living vicariously through you guys.

    Its funny how you come to rely on something that you never knew you needed. I hope this is not the end of the journey for “US” but if it is, you will be missed.

    I would love to know where the listing for ZTC can/will be found.

    Thanks for everything! The two of you have opened eyes and ignited fires in a lot of people, most of all me!

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