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I think we are now cool to enter the US. We have our radio station license (which we wouldn’t need if we were staying here), we have our dinghy licensed (which again, we don’t need while in Canada) and now we have our Customs Decal properly affixed* to our boat.

*Place the decal ‘within 18″ of the entry point of the vessel’ is what the instructions say. We put it near one of the transoms so I hope that is what they meant.


  1. We just crossed 50 degrees North. Did we miss a turn somewhere in our tropical cruise? 🙂

    • Ummm… yes. Right from the beginning I think.

      Seriously I’m sure where you are heading is beautiful cruising grounds. We love BC.

  2. I see your decal is OK for aircraft – so you are covered for a strong wind with the spinnaker up!!

    • Yesterday’s spinnaker “attempt” was not quite as exciting as the last one. Apparently we need more than 1 knot of wind to really go anywhere.

  3. Helen A. Spalding

    I would have put it near the bow, since that’s where the boat enters the water. Hmmmmm. Is it entry point for people, or the entry point of the vessel?

    • I forget what it says exactly but I saw other boats where they placed it near the gate in their lifelines (where people come on board). I think that is what they mean.

  4. You canadians dont know your ass (stern) from your head (bow)…Just kidding

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