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Everyone knows that in order to keep their sailboat’s auxiliary engines running, it’s important to carry spares for the parts which are most likely to break down or need periodic replacing. The same is true for all essential systems though. On our boat, we consider our computers to be in that “essential” category and history has shown us that the most common part to fail is the power cord and/or AC power adapter. For this reason, when we were in California, we visited the Apple Store where we picked up a spare power brick for our MacBook Pro and also a USB power cable for our new iPad Mini. Hopefully we never have to use them but because I know that the devices will be entirely useless if we end up in a situation where we’re unable to charge them, I am happy to invest the money to keep these spares on hand.


  1. Rebecca needs a spare Mike. Seems essential to me. 😉

  2. Hi!
    I’ve been enjoying your blog immensely as we prepare to buy our first boat.

    In my land-based endeavours I’ve relied heavily of late on a product called “Sugru”. It’s an air-cured moldable silicon putty. In particular it’s worked wonders on repairing expensive laptop and mobile phone cables.


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