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Although I haven’t mentioned it much on this blog, one of the events that we had been extremely excited about was the impending visit of our daughter Cassandra, and our granddaughter Demi. In fact, the timing of this visit was partly what determined our schedule in traveling back and forth to Trinidad. I am happy to report that after a long trip from California, they arrived safely in Grenada on Wednesday night, with two “puppies” in tow!

Cassandra and her husband Robert breed beautiful American Bullies for a living, and these two pups were being delivered to their new owner, a gentleman from Guadeloupe. As he wasn’t going to be in Grenada until yesterday, we not only got to enjoy time with Cass and Demi, we got to get our dog fix in too!

The pups have since left us but our family remains. We’re now looking forward to spending some quality time with them on the island we enjoy so much.

Our boat neighbor Ken out for a late afternoon sail.

Sunset photo of Frost, courtesy of Ken and Vickie on Painkiller.


  1. Your karma must be great to be surrounded with such beautiful and lovely women. I hope you have a wonderful visit.

  2. Family time is the best….hope that you all have a fantastic time together. It will not doubt pass by too quickly.

  3. Lovely. I hope they are staying long enough to really enjoy the place.


  4. my goodness Rebecca your daughter looks just like you.
    enjoy the family time

  5. Lovely family in every meaning of the word. Enjoy.

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