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These photos were taken yesterday at our “Farewell to Grenada” party. Huge thanks to all of our friends who came out to celebrate with us. The party was a blast and I think we may have set a record for the most number of people onboard a PDQ 32. Although we are anxious to get moving again, we have no doubt that we’ll be back in Grenada next season to see you all again.

ZTC might be a little stern-heavy!


  1. That was SOME party!! I’m sure the after party was great as well…thanks for having us and we’re looking forward to seeing you back again next season!! xoxo

  2. WOW! Awesome shot , you can feel the love! So cool that you have such a great tribe there. 🙂

  3. Great photo and great friends you have met….Luv the tender tied to your starboard rail

    • Yeah, I think we need a tender like that. Do you think we could carry it on the davits?

      • That “tender” is bigger than most of my family’s boats. I did some sketches last year to figure out what a cruising cat would look like if it carried something a bit bigger than that… the answer, of course, is “bloody huge” and needs power everything to manage.

        It looks like one hell of a party; sorry I missed it!

        Stern-heavy? Hmm…. do you remember that old pirate houseboat that hangs around in front of Kingston City Hall? The one with three inches of bridgedeck clearance at the stern? ZTC has nothing on that beast…..

  4. Great photos! Looks like ya’ll met a lot of good people!

  5. We had a great time,can’t wait to do the welcome trip and we will see you soon.

  6. I think you guys would look great on a Sunreef 70! Plenty of room for your “tender”….

  7. Pretty impressive. Not many 32-foot boats would do so well. A Gemini wouldn’t even be a catamaran anymore!

    My record is 12, and it too was a good time!

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