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Tween Lakes Resort, our new home, lies on a narrow isthmus separating Kalamalka Lake from Wood Lake. Its name often shortened here to Kal Lake, Kalamalka Lake is sometimes referred to as the “lake of a thousand colors.” It’s still early in the season so only a few die-hard boaters are out on the water but that will change soon. My understanding is that the lake is a hub of activity during the summer months.

Just as we always have a strong desire to climb any mountain in our vicinity, ever since we arrived here we’ve had an urge to ride our bikes all the way around the lake. We were ecstatic to find a beautiful rail trail paralleling the western shore of the lake but it was the more mountainous eastern shore that really intrigued us.

Is riding around the lake possible? Physically possible, yes, although certain stretches of private property with locked gates present a challenge. A lot of effort is being made here to connect neighboring towns with new rail trails. I wish they’d invest a bit of effort to open up a route circumnavigating the lake. Mountain bikers would love it!

How we spent Earth Day:

Tween Lakes Resort. Perhaps one of the last pictures taken before the new 82-slip dock is built.

Here is where the ride really started to get challenging!

Kal Lake and Wood Lake in the distance.

Picnic Lunch.

Progress was slow!

This small waterfall is located on the rail trail only 6 km from our door.


  1. Very Cool– Maybe time to pack a small Handsaw with you??
    I carried one while Snowmobiling– Kinda tough to pick a Sled up over a downed tree..

  2. Thanks for the pics, how is your knee doing Mike?

  3. So – did you completely circumnavigate? I’ve been tempted to carry one of the new cordless electric saws with me on old overgrown trails here in the Catskills. Beautiful pictures, you have made my desire to visit BC and Alaska more acute. I’d probably do that trip on the back of a motorcycle.

  4. You’re living in beautiful and totally natural surroundings. Its all very different from the Caribbean, but also very nice. You’ve also returned to a seasonal climate again. I’m very happy for both of you.

    • Thanks, Wade. We’re both happy and healthy and making the best of our new circumstances. Happy to follow your adventures too!

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