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It’s now been over a week since we landed in the Okanagan Valley. We’ve not only settled into our new digs but have jumped into our new roles as resort caretakers, with both feet I should add. To say that there is a lot to learn would be a huge understatement. That said, I believe we’re making the transition as well as could be expected. As past posts have demonstrated, we fully embrace change!

All packed for the big move.

Just as we had surmised, we left the snow behind in Fernie as we drove west. In fact, with each mile that ticked by, we could see the snowpack lessen and feel the temperature increase. I won’t go so far as to say that we’re now sitting out on the patio, enjoying the sunshine but I feel it’s not far off. This, while Fernie continues to get even more snow and our friends and family in Ontario are suffering through yet another big winter storm.

A photo of a photo, Tween Lakes Resort front and center.

New Digs

Our new accommodations are quite cozy. We’re staying in a small cabin on the resort property which many friends, after seeing the pics below, were quick to point out appears very boat-like. I do agree, especially the salon area seating which is almost identical to the one on our PDQ 32. Fortunately for us, the cabin came completely furnished, eliminating the necessity of purchasing a bunch of new stuff.

Riding the Rails

We were pleased to find that a scenic rail-trail paralleling the coast of Kalamalka Lake begins just outside our door. Last Sunday, we rode from Tween Lakes Resort to the edge of Vernon and back, sharing the trail with dozens of other cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians (and their dogs) who were also out enjoying the spring weather. We’ve taken note that there are hundreds of kilometers of other trails in the area, either in full operation or under construction, and we’re looking forward to exploring all of them. In fact, we’ve made arrangements to meet up with another local cyclist later today to check out some other nearby trails. Our guess is that these trails will be quite a bit more challenging!


  1. Change can be good. You should have a great summer

  2. Cryptic comment Mike, but I think I get it!
    Looking forward to your latest gig (looks lovely) and your ability to squeeze out every bit of adventure in all you do. All the best guys!

  3. Cool Cabin– Great new Gig.. I’m sure Many– Many new Adventures are coming..

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