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For the last couple of days Rebecca and I have been enjoying the hospitality of a Warmshowers host here in La Paz. As far as Baja cyclists go, Tuly is well known. Her house is an oasis for those cycling both to and from the city. While under her roof we had the chance to formulate some plans for the next portion of our journey. We also had the time to wade through the multitude of video clips that I had saved on my laptop, and to select some for our next video. I chose some fun, and I think somewhat appropriate music for the edit. I hope you enjoy what I’ve titled: Baja Divide – No Easy Road.


  1. I really enjoyed the video and the music too. You can truly get a sense (even a very small part of it) of what you guys have been riding, walking and pushing your bikes through. It looks pretty gruelling to tell you the truth. Plus with the heat I can imagine you would get worn out quickly. I know I do when it’s 40+ centigrade inside the food trailer. It’s cooled off here for now. Keep up the good work and enjoy those warm showers…

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