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Spion Kop

One of the things that I love about British Columbia is how quickly you can go from civilization to actual wilderness. We noted it first in Fernie and again here in the Okanagan Valley. For example, one of the trailheads to Spion Kop, a popular local hiking area, lies just 4km from our doorstep. It was there that we met up with a couple of experienced Kelowna cyclists, Miles and Doug, for our latest adventure.

Spion Kop

We followed the red trail to the summit.

After studying the sharp elevation change on the trails, we all knew going into the day that our ride was going to be a bit of a hike-a-bike (that’s the expression cyclists use when they are forced to push or carry their bike rather than ride it). That said, I think we all did OK in spite of the oftentimes steep grade.

As it was mid-afternoon on Sunday when we ultimately set out, Rebecca and I only had a moment or two at the top to enjoy the view of Okanagan Lake before we were forced to start back down. Miles and Doug, on the other hand, had brought camping gear with them so that they could spend the night up there. We would have loved to have joined them but since we needed to be at work first thing Monday morning, camping up there is a treat we’ll have to save for another day.

Big thanks to Miles for supplying the beta and the inspiration for the trip. I’m sure it’s one that Rebecca and I will repeat later in the season.

Tween Lakes Resort lies just a 10 min. ride down this scenic roadway, the Pelmewash Pkwy.

Early in the ride. Photo courtesy of Miles Arbour.

Both Doug, pictured here, and Miles were riding fat bikes.

Photo courtesy of Miles Arbour.

Nice view of Wood Lake.

A photo of Miles riding. He was often the one with the camera in his hand taking photos.

Check out this cool piece about BC trail riding written by Miles Arbour.

We saw very few people on these scenic trails and only 1 other cyclist.

I love this shot! Photo courtesy of Miles Arbour.

A brief respite at the top.

Doug (left) and Miles, just before we left them to return home.

Our first view of Okanagan Lake.

Another great photo courtesy of Miles Arbour.


  1. Thanks for the write up! We will get out for another adventure soon!

  2. Nice to have an update on your activities.

    As a sailor, I do miss your frequent high quality posts about all things nautical. Any progress on the Amel situation (whatever that is)?

    I purchased a 12 year old Maine Cat 41 and after a year of rehab am about to run down to the Bahamas for a quick cruise through the Abaco’s, hopefully before the “H” season becomes too active.

    (met you in Grenada)

    • Hi Ross

      Thanks for continuing to check in with us in spite of the lack of nautical content. Sadly, no, there has been no real progress on the Amel front. Someday, I hope!

      Enjoy the Bahamas. We loved our time there!

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