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Ask any group of cruisers why they left the comfort of their homes to set sail to unknown countries and you’ll likely hear words and phrases such as adventure, seeing new places, and experiencing new things. Because of this, we find it ironic that the businesses here, catering to this so-called adventurous group, have established a routine that varies little from week to week. Not only that but a great many of the cruisers here seem to embrace this routine!

In October of last year I wrote about the daily events that many cruisers in Grenada use to describe the days of the week. So here we are, now three quarters of a year later, and that schedule has changed very little. In addition to that, the businesses organizing these events seem very reluctant to change. In fact, even many of the restaurants’ menus and daily specials have changed little since last season. Perhaps they should consider a market study? Or, perhaps it’s just us?

Roger’s Beach Bar. Sunday barbecue takes place here and if the mood strikes them, pizza on Fridays.


  1. In contrast, the businesses probably say ‘Why shake things up?” If they’re all getting a cut of the local economy, and it ain’t broke, why fix it?

  2. Do I see a ZTC bar/restaurant in your future?

  3. Those business are all owned by landlubbers. Of course they don’t get it!

  4. Time to weigh anchor?

  5. The need for change affects us all differently.

    Sedentary land based life styles can lead to the desire to change, but . . .

    Some want wild new adventures. A new ‘challenge’ every day. Any one who doesn’t want this is an old fogey.

    Then you grow out of this phase, but still enjoy change, but with some continuity.

    Then you slow a bit more, as responsibilities for elderly relatives, your own need for longer times to recover from bruises and minor injuries and the desire for a more relaxed style of life. Though still still changing, it happens more slowly.

    If you look round your boat community, you will find all of these.


  6. Every buisness needs cash to make it grow. Would it be safe to say people in the islands work to live rather than live to work? (as we all do in north America) Do they have a lot of food/product limitations that make it not cost effective? Cruisers are a frugal bunch.
    Ok, I know you can go to a store and pick up a beer for $1.50 ea. Does this mean we need to sell it in a bar for $5.00? Put $100,000.00 in the bank at 2% return. Put food on a table for 300% return or a beer for 200%. Clean would help! First thing I would do is look at the other guy. Take all of their ideas that work.
    My brother in law purchased a coin pool table from a hotel in a small town. The hotel had five and wanted to expand their dance floor. He put it in his country store across the street from the bar, and removed the coin unit so it would play for free. He already had a deli counter. The deli counter boomed. Soon the lunch crowd turned to rain day, snow day, too hot day, you get the idea. And yes the hotel is gone.
    There is an island in the Gulf off Florida where you give them money to hang on the wall as well as pay for your lunch and the boat ride is not free. All you need is a gimmick and sometimes value. I would be willing to bet somewhere someone just left a restaurant and said I will never eat there again it was too cold and the service was slow. However a tourist will walk down a beach to a shack stand in the sand, visit the rest room (shack) out back, wipe sand off the bar, drink the beer while condenstation runs all over their lap while feeding the neighbourhood pets and say WOW! that was great. What is the gimmick? The sand, the dogs and cats or the freedom. I would sum it all up in one word (ATMOSPHERE) just another word for marketing. Go for it.


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