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The Yachtmaster exam begins today at 2:00 PM and runs through the night, scheduled to end sometime late tomorrow evening. I can’t wait until it’s over so that I can get my mind back on sunshine, beaches, cerveza and Rebecca!


  1. We can all see why you would be anxious to return to at least one of your stated pleasures lol. Guess you will be missing the hash but I will have a couple of cold ones in your honor. Looking forward to Carriacou hash next weekend, as hotel room and Osprey ferry trip booked already! Good luck with your exam but based on your earlier posts I am sure you will do great.

  2. Good luck! Sounds like a weekend of celebration is in store!

  3. I will not speak for everyone, but we like when you are “tired of the serious stuff”

  4. You had better hurry up with that exam. Rebbeca has got a large following! 🙂


    Also, good luck with it. I don’t think you will need luck, you are already way over the standard required, you have been (quietly) assessed already on the training sessions. Relax, be yourself, concentrate and enjoy it.


    • Thanks Mike. While I agree that Rebecca has a large following, I am certainly not way over the Yachtmaster standard. The bar is pretty high. The examiner also really didn’t know me. He is independent, separate from Bluewater Sailing, the school I took the courses with. I did large enjoy the exam though. It was challenging but relaxed.

  5. Mike, I would wish you good luck but I really don’t think you need it. You already have all the skills, experience, and support you will need to excell at this challange. But just in case…good luck. 😉 Looking forward to the reading the story. -Ed

  6. NOw, is this the last step to your Captain’s ticket, or are there more hoops through which you will have to jump? Medical, security check, etc.? Good luck, and I’m sure you will do well. However, good luck getting Rebecca to either call you Captain or jump to your every command! 🙂

  7. Rebecca…You were always in good shape, but with all the drinking and eating, you look like you are in even better shape!!!! Are you working out harder?

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