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Within an hour of us arriving back at the dock the other day, our friends were quick to ask if we had seen “the other Cat” that was now in the marina (ours is currently the only one). We hadn’t, but only because we had barely made it off our dock yet. We immediately took a walk around to see it and the first thing I noticed, other than the fact that it looked huge to me, was how intricately the owners had made racks to carry their mast and boom (the mast was still unstepped). Because they had only just arrived I didn’t want to bother them, knowing what it’s like to get sorted but the next day I made a point of stopping by to say hi.

Joan and Jay, the owners of Windsong, were very courteous and accommodating, giving us both a tour and allowing me to take numerous photos of their mast racks. I think this will be very helpful as how to best carry our rig through the canals remains one of our mysteries. Thanks guys. We really appreciate the advice.

There are plenty more pics on their blog. Check it out!

This morning we are anchored in Prinyer’s Cove, awaiting family from Toronto who are coming to go for a day sail with us. The sky is clear and sunny and there is a nice breeze. It’s going to be another great day on the water!


  1. Well, I’ll bet you’re enjoying your sail today! (I just got back from trying to launch at Collins Bay, and it was far too windy to get my lightweight runabout in the water at any of the three very run down, very sketchy launch ramps we tried.) A great sailing day, though, for those of you lucky enough to have big boats and tall masts 🙂

    • It was a great day for a sail, that’s for sure. As we were bashing through the waves we passed behind a little hobie cat. The two guys on board that looked like they were really having fun!

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