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We traded our boat for an inner tube and the ocean for a small stream.

I guess some people might call what we experienced yesterday river tubing but having been born and raised along the St. Lawrence River in Canada, I can’t in good conscience call this stretch of water a river. Regardless, we sure did have fun, bouncing through the shallow water from rock to rock (sometimes getting stuck on top of one — right, Rebecca?). And since one of our two friends who organized the trip was born here in Grenada, we got the local price instead of the advertised tourist price. Even better! Special mention to Kevin from s/v Sabbaticus for being the only one to fall out of the tube, while video taping. We definitely need to get ahold of that footage. 🙂

Today we’re hitching a ride back to Hog Island to meet up with the gang from Coral. The plan is to weigh anchor tomorrow and sail off to Carriacou for the regatta. More adventures await!

T’iefs be warned: We have some friends who will be “babysittingZTC in our absence, and they have big mean dogs! Growl!!!! 😉


  1. As always you guys know where to find the fun! Enjoy the Coral, it sounds like you guys are in for an awesome sailing experience.

  2. Have fun! This guard dog doesn’t eat dog biscuit does he (she)????
    As always great pics!

  3. Wow, tubing in Grenada looks like a lot of fun … and in such a beautiful setting! Looking forward to hearing about the Regatta.

  4. That looks like a freaking blast! it reminds me of the rivers we tube down here in Louisiana, only with more beautiful scenery!

  5. Was Bill from Magnolia on the same trip? Pictures look like the same group, a couple that look suspiciously like you two!,Tubing,i

  6. Looks like a creek to me! Also looks like fun!

  7. That looked like a LOT of fun!!!!

    I came close to coming to Grenada in August. I am not working that month and I have been in contact with a cruiser from Scotland who is holed up there for hurricane season (he might head to Trinidad towards the end of August) there who is willing to teach me how to sail. But I decided to wait and go when the weather is better there and we can actually get out and sail. You might run into him – his name is John Duncker and his boat is called Elephant’s Child. If you do run into him, let me know. I would have some questions you might be able to answer. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your one year cruising anniversary. You are going to have to come up with a new name since you moved off the zero experienced rookies to die hard veterans in a hurry.

  9. Happy Birthday Mike. You’ve been out of touch for a while.

  10. Well there must have been some whitewater since you are donning helmets ;~).

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