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On June 30th, around mid afternoon, our good friends on the catamaran Happy Times sailed into nearby Prickly Bay. The last time we saw these guys was at Bomba’s Full Moon Party back in Tortola and as is indicative of their giving nature, when we met them at the dock, they greeted us with a Canada Day gift, real Canadian maple syrup (we had confided in them at some point previous that our stores of syrup were completely depleted).

This seems to be representative of the cruising life. That being, relationships are developed, good times are shared and then people part company, heading in different directions or on different timetables. In many cases, perhaps days, perhaps weeks or perhaps even months later, friends are reunited. Sometimes however, they do not cross paths again, which should tell us all that we need to enjoy the times that we have. We know that we have already parted company with some friends that we will not see again, left only with the memories of great times shared. Fortunately, there are many others who continue to move in and out of our lives, adding to our cruising experiences.

A perfect Canada Day breakfast: pancakes with real maple syrup. Thanks Happy Times!

More traditional Canadian food: Poutine! Can you believe that they had this on the menu at de Big Fish? It “almost” made me homesick. Almost.


  1. Looks delicious…Happy Canada Day!

    • Thanks Rosemary. Tomorrow we’ll be attending a joint Canada Day – Independence Day celebration at Port Louis marina.

  2. Very cool the way you have hot links to define words like “poutine.” You’re going to have to teach me some of your Internet secrets.

    • I feel it is my social duty to educate the world about the wonders poutine and other such treasures. As for teaching you my “secrets,” I am all too happy to help my friend. 🙂

  3. I’m surprised I didn’t run into Poutine in Wisconsin – most Wisconsonites never met a cheese curd they didn’t like! Oh well, I guess they decided deep fried twinkies were enough.

  4. Well I’m sure the fine folks at de Big Fish heard you were around, and threw that on the menu really quickly. A good review from Mike and Rebecca and the rest of the sailing community will follow! 🙂

    • Well, I have to say that it pales in comparison to some of the poutine available in Canada but with that said, if you throw french fries, gravy and cheese togther, it’s always good.

  5. I remember many years ago driving around the north shore of Lake Superior on our camping trip honeymoon. We stopped at a truck stop late in the evening for some ‘food’. The very young waitress was all excited to recommend the hamburger nip. Very similar to poutine, but it was the worst thing I ate for many years before and after that trip. I can hear your arteries clogging.

  6. Really beautiful post. Lovely words and sentiment Mike. Made a big smile onboard for us today.
    Great reading as always

  7. Oh My! Those pancakes look yummy!!

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