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Late yesterday afternoon, we completed our second Hash Run here in Grenada. We had so much fun losing our virginity two weeks ago, we dragged along our friends on Happy Times so that they could do the same.

The trail, which began at the 12 Tribes of Israel Rastafarian Headquarters in Good Hope, St. Pauls, was almost entirely comprised of steep hills. Steep muddy hills. Oh, and a significant stroll down the middle of a flowing stream. As the event drew on, we ended up quite a distance in front of our friends and as we climbed the muddy hills, both Rebecca and I were convinced that they were going to want to kill us when it was all over. On the contrary, apparently they’re masochists like the rest of the participants because although they ended up completely sweaty and muddy, they had a great time (or so they said). 🙂

People at least start out clean like this.

Doesn’t Happy Times look happy? Remember though, this is before the run has started.

Take note: the Hashers have a thing against people wearing new shoes.

The start. Up we go.

The steep path created a bit of a bottleneck, slowing down the faster runners.

Up the mountain we go.

Nice views all around.

The pack has thinned out considerably by now.

There is typically a runner’s trail and a slightly shorter walker’s trail.
Even the walkers had to do that big climb.

This is what my vision looks like when I am oxygen deprived.

A rainbow at the end of the hash. A good sign I would say.

The virgins are gathered for their devirginizing ceremony. 🙂


  1. Only you two could make steep hill climbs and mud look like fun! I especially liked the oxygen-deprived picture! I love how you are getting the most out of the cruising lifestyle. You definitely show how it should be done.

  2. The oxygen deprived picture had me laughing out loud.

    I don’t know why you do the things you do (running up steep hills and climbing through insect infested jungles) but you seem to have a lot of fun doing it.

    Me – I’ll take the hammock and my Kindle any day over crazy stuff like you do. And that’s why I look like I do, and you guys look like you do!


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