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We just added some more links to the Research page.

The fun continues!

Notice the necklace I am wearing in the above pic? It is called Hei Matau and is the Māori symbol for “good luck over water.” I purchased one for both Rebecca and I thinking that we could probably use all the help we can get! 🙂


  1. Hmm, I may have to get one of those for the Schoonie Girl, I sent her a Holding Cross for her last passage from Ft. Lauderdale to Providence. One can never have too much good fortune.

  2. Very cool Mike! I have one as well although it looks a little different that yours. my wife bought it for me when I started working offshore. I’m always a little skeptical of these things as I know how US consumerism likes to play with us at times… Although I was approached while working on a boat in Brazil and asked if I had ever been to New Zealand. The guy recognized my necklace and showed me his very nice jade one he got when working over there. So a little confirmation that it’s the real deal. Kinda like how people tattoo Chinese symbols on themselves… I question whether they mean what is advertised!

    Love the blog! Just starting from the beginning here… Looking to do something similar

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