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The other day one of our followers wrote on the Zero To Cruising Facebook Page that he had heard that you can live in Dominica and never go hungry because of all the wild fruits and vegetables that grow here. After taking a hike with Martin Carriere, aka Providence, I am a bit more convinced that this may be true. Martin is a wealth of information on the local flora and fauna of Dominica and even though he has been guiding here on the island for over 20 years, he still displays a real passion for his craft. Not only were we led on a great 5 hour hike, we were treated to a real jungle breakfast of fresh coconut water, coconut, bananas, passion fruit and grapefruit. We also filled our packs with a number of wild spices for cooking and some bread nuts that our new friends on Yellow Rose offered to cook up for our tour group. We’re happy that now, after having done this tour, we’ll be a bit more educated about the plants that we’ll be coming across on any future hikes that we do here. Thanks for the great day, Martin.

Our guide Martin Carriere, aka Providence, is a wealth of information on the local flora and fauna.

Can you guess what this is?

One of the multiple varieties of bananas which grow here on Dominica.

Guess which movie was filmed on this spot?

The root systems of the Swamp Blood trees along the Indian River are incredible.

The colorful Heliconia are beautiful.

Pink Ginger Lilies. We also saw many bright red ones.

Even though the day started out raining, by the time we got out on our hike the sun was shining.

Wouldn’t he make a nice boat pet?

I can’t remember what these are called, but they did look cool.

Fresh coconut water!

Believe it or not this is coffee.

A fresh-water spring.

Grapefruits. These trees were on someone’s property though, not wild.

A drying shack for the coffee.

The locals wrap banana leaves into a cushion like this so that they can more comfortably carry the harvested produce down the mountain to the market.

Looking back through the trees towards Portsmouth which Martin told us has a population of about 5000 people.

Noni reportedly has both excellent healing properties and tastes incredibly bad!

This was the best weather we have had since arriving here in Dominica.

Collecting Bread Nuts to eat back on the boat.

After boiling the Bread Nuts for a bit back on s/v Yellow Rose, they were delicious!

Time for a dip in the cool fresh water.

Now this is an awesome looking swimming pool!

All refreshed and ready to resume the hike.

Martin called this a Porcelain Rose.

Wisely bringing home some pretty plants/flowers for his wife!

The rest of our hiking crew on their way back to their boats.


  1. The movie is PC3. And I am trying to remember the plant as well. My favorite is Cestrum Nocturnum, or Night Blooming Jasmine. Obviously you only smell it at night, but it is as intoxicating a scent as Gardenias.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! After following you guys for a few months, we want to get started on our cruising journey NOW!! Thanks for inspiring and motivating us!

  3. Wow, what beautiful flowers! I didn’t realize that coffee made such a pretty flower. These pictures look like the tropics we envision! What a beautiful place to hike and explore.

  4. Beautiful pictures. The first picture is the flower of banana tree and the second is Pirates of the Caribbean. We loved Dominica and would go back in a heart beat. Portsmouth is a warm and inviting village. The boat boys are professional. Have fun!!!!!

    • Hi Diane

      You are right on both counts. πŸ™‚

      We also agree that the boat boys here are great. It’s too bad that they’re not so professional on other islands!

      Looking forward to seeing you two again down island!


  5. Love the photographs! I’d love to do this hike. When I read your comment about the noni it seems appropriate. Doesn’t good medicine almost always taste bad?

  6. I just started to make kefir since it requires warm temperatures to ferment it would be so easy to make it aboard. Have you tried this?

    Cheers, Lenka

  7. WOW! What an amazing place. Now I know where the PC game EXILE got all it’s flora ideas from for the world of Edana. Taking a hike on Dominica would be like stepping right into that game.

  8. Mike, I see you did your search….It’s delicious (runny yogurt consistency) and ready to drink in 20 to 36 hours depending on how sour you like it, of course it can be mixed with fruits, make smoothies and even cheese. What attracted me to this, is that doesn’t need refrigeration and of course all the health benefits attached to it. Just wanted to share so me information back after all the fun that I have with your blogs.

    Thanks and cheers,


  9. Looks like a beautiful and colorful day!! I bet the fresh coffee is awesome.

    Tate and I cannot survive without coffee. Even coffee>alcohol

    • Sadly we bought some stupidly expensive coffee in the grocery store the day before we learned that they make and sell their own Dominican coffee here.

  10. Spectacular photography. Can’t wait to get to Dominica! Sitting out weather in the DR. Hope to catch up to you soon. K.

    • Thanks Kirk. Glad you’re still there. Fill one of your berths with Dominican coffee before you leave the DR. Oh, and a second berth with Bohemia GrandΓ©s!

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