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In spite of the fact that our boat’s name Katana has a certain significance to us, we will likely have to risk offending King Neptune and change it if we wish to federally register our boat. Why? Because the name Katana has already been taken 🙁 , and we’re not too interested in just adding a number after that name to differentiate it. We like to be original!

We have enlisted the help of our friends on Facebook, looking for suggestions. Knowing how smart the readers of our blog are though (yes, I am sucking up) perhaps one of you might just be able to come up with that one special name that would suit Rebecca and I, and our beautiful PDQ. Please post or email your suggestions! Before you do though, you might want to search here to see if the name has already been registered in Canada.

Once we do come up with the proper name, and it is approved by those who control the whole registration process, we’ll be sure to follow the proper de-naming ceremony so as to hopefully not offend King Neptune and Aeolus!

Oh, and if we can believe the Twinrix commercials, it now appears as if we can suck on ice cubes in Tropical resorts and get a new tattoo! Rebecca and I both received the third of 3 vaccinations on Thursday. I am happy to say that today, Saturday, my arm no longer is sore!

PS: Just kidding about the ice cubes and tattoos. Hepatitis is serious stuff.

PPS: We were both hamming it up for the camera in those pics. It really wasn’t that bad. 🙂


  1. I’ve seen boats called ‘Wave Dancer’ or ‘Sun Dancer’ how about Pole Dancer? heehee!!

  2. “Katana Odori” seems logical to me.
    Here’s a tip though…… when choosing a name, remember that you and others will need to say it 3 times over the radio, hopefully not to coast guard or SAR.

    • Interesting Kirk. I had to look that word up.

      We are aware of necessity of saying the name three times. It is for this reason that we jokingly considered the name “Blah.” 🙂

  3. In keeping with the Katana theme:


    A Kodachi is basically a shorter version of a katana, and due to it’s shorter more manageable length it is considered useful as a sword that is used with a shield.

  4. Get 1337 on it:


    There are more than 64 ways to spell KATANA in leet. I think it would be fine on the Reg. Documents. People would probably just think it was a typo. You could even just change the last A to a 4. That would be cheap, and it wouldn't offend Neptune at all.

  5. can’t help myself…..been lurking here for a while.
    How about Esoteric ……
    I’m sure that at times you’ve felt learning the “cruising” ropes has been information for the select few!!!


    • Hi Terry. Thanks for jumping in!

      As for your comment, even today as I was driving Rebecca to work I was commenting about all the questions that we had, and how nice it would be if we just had someone here to say “do it like this.” But that would take some of the “fun” out of it, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  6. What about Anatak – Katana spelt backwards?

  7. John & Jennifer Stallings - Reply

    Naming Advice:

    Hey guys,

    Of course if this is your 1st vessel (either of you) than you cannot buck tradition; name it after your mother. Wives (and husbands) come and go, but mom is always with you. This would be our case, as when my mom (Noel) passed away unexpectedly, we bought our Lagoon 380. Soon we too will quit the rat-race and be ‘adventuring’ around the globe (with you!). Just so know we’ve been married for 13 years now, 1st time around for both of us, but you should cross a nautical tradition…

    If your dead-set with the Machismo approach then how about Ronin, Grey Wolf, or something from

    Either way, to paraphrase a great Disney movie: it not about the hull, keel, and sails… it’s what she represents – freedom!

    To all of us who aspire something beyond these concrete walls!

    John & Jennifer (with our faithful imp: Ho’aloha)
    s/v Noel’s Delight
    L380 Lagoon 380

    • Hi guys

      Both of our mother’s names have (fortunately) been taken, multiple times.

      We did actually think of Ronin though!

      Coincidentally the previous owners of our boat just bought a Lagoon 380. Nice boat!

      Keep in touch and let us know your progress, and your departure date/location.


  8. zero to cruising……like it more today than yesterday

  9. Sword Dancer

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