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Although I can’t put my finger on any specific incident at this moment, we are sometimes surprised at the level of intensity with which people respond to posts where I share something that is less than 100% positive. For example, if I write about a dinghy being stolen on an island, no doubt several people will recommend shunning that island altogether. Or if I mention that a pair of swim fins were ‘tiefed‘ off a boat (that would be ‘stolen’), I’ll end up with one or two responses about how to turn a boat into Fort Knox. I bet that if I was to say that we found a strange vibration in our engine at least one person would post that the engine block is cracked or that the pistons are about ready to fly out!

To be successful at cruising, successful meaning being able to survive and continue at it long term, one really needs to develop a roll-with-the-punches attitude. In addition to that, having a positive outlook and being able to treat setbacks as valuable learning episodes wouldn’t hurt either. A couple of our readers recently commented on how they feel that we have such an attitude. While I would definitely agree, until they had mentioned it, I really hadn’t given a lot of thought about how important such a quality is for cruisers to have.


  1. This just proves your point – that guy would get his windshield smashed if he pulled that where I work here in NY. He would get hammered, and not with internet comments. Personally I love doing the accent thing in the office for laughs and the Jamaican accent is easy; but if you aren’t careful you can go a little Irish. I once wore a dreadlock rastafarian wig in the office for halloween but a black friend told me that wasn’t cool so I never did it again. We used to have a french Canadian guy and I did his accent to great effect, got a lot of mileage out of him. Peace.

  2. I agree, but it appears that some folks just don’t get it.

  3. Yes, this caused a great stir in the ranks of the professionally offended – until they found out that actual Jamaicans liked the ad, and now presumably they’re wondering whether or not they themselves have been offensive by being offended.

    Life is hard if you live on Planet Sensitive.

  4. As I always say … happiness is contagious!!

  5. Probably one of the reasons I read you guys every day is your fun, energetic, roll with the punches attitude. I’ve often dreamed of pulling into an anchorage (no, I don’t have a boat) seeing ZTC, buying you guys a drink for all your incredible sharing you do, then following you guys up a mountain. Of course, I’d be sweating profusely, breathing like Darth Vador, and trying not to quit after the first 100 yards! But somehow you’d get me all the way to the top, we’d take a bunch of pics and I’d have a lifetime memory. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. You must have very long arms to write all that in the sand and not have any footprints. (Or you have photoshop!!) Surely you didn’t cheat and use a stick?

    And anyway, if “ZTC WAS THERE” where was the smiley?



  7. Mike,
    There was a panel on a morning show discussing this ad and one woman said that it was out and out racist. I was ready to put my foot through the TV!
    I thought the ad was brilliant and FUNNY!
    And no one on the panel wanted to disagree with her. Now this woman was neither West Indian nor African American for that matter. She really had no business making that judgement on her own without knowing how the Jamaican community felt overall about it.
    There is an agenda out there, a divisive one, and I refuse to be a party to it.
    It frustrates me that I can’t get the boat and leave that much sooner.
    When we are joking around in that manner; there is a fine line to watch for.
    VW respected that line and gave us a moment to smile.
    I am sick and tired of the victimization crap! Everyone is not always a victim and “BIG” (whoever) is not always the “oppressor”. (Sorry about the soapbox)
    This particular woman, who declared racism on the part of VW, should not be speaking on behalf of the West Indian community. I am not naive about discrimination, (I have had my fair share dished out to me by Black as well as White combined), sometimes it’s not about race. Sometimes, it’s about people who have not stepped out of their comfort zone to find out we all have the same hopes and dreams and struggles. When we step out of our “warm and fuzzy” circle, with open hearts and minds, we receive the true gift of diversity (Unity, and Love of others and our world). I dont like the word “tolerance”, it doesn’t convey a positive connotation. I don’t want to be “tolerated”.
    TOLERANCE: a fair, objective and PERMISSIVE attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own
    What is fair and objective about being permissive towards others? Sounds like one having their nose up in the air and than patting themselves on the back for not outwardly looking down on the other.
    If you can’t show “Brotherly” love in the least, then let us part in peace….
    Tolerance is too much work, brotherly love is much more rewarding and easier.
    My Grandmother told me once: “Every white man is not your enemy and every black man is not your friend…” Those words have always shown themselves to be sooo true throughout my life.
    Mike, I appreciate ya’ brother. Keep, keeping it real!!
    Again, please forgive the Soapbox.

  8. Great blog post, we were really inspired by cruisers doing it their own way and you two definitely don’t follow the herd! Wish our cruising years would have overlapped!

  9. AWESOME!!!!!!

    PS. You have a cracked block.. 😉

  10. I & I respect dat. Many thanks for sharin’! – my best attempt;)

    When you’ve been living the “No Worries” life it’s easy to apply it in the “Real World” because it seems we are able to get outside of the crap even if for a moment and learn what the true meaning of life is. (It’s not doom and gloom) No but really, I LOVED that commercial, thanks for sharing, hadn’t seen it yet. I’ll put it on my YouTube Fav list!!

  11. I have a link on my desktop directly to “Don’t Worry – Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. Whenever things get challenging I always play it. It never ceases to make me smile.

    Hoping to join you soon,

    S/V Kintala

  12. Its all about attitude. And I beieve attitude is a choice.

    I have always given consideration to this quote in all I consider doing. “Whether you think you can, or you can’t; you’re right.”

  13. If anyone is offended by the VW ad, show them this one

    Its a Red Stripe beer ad, and if it doesn’t make you crack up, you need to re-evaluate yourself.

  14. Mike, i have to say I enjoy everything you write. Some people are just wound too tight and take offense too quickly. To those, I say Keep Calm and Carry On. Keep on writing for the rest of us who enjoy your views.

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