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I may have said this in the past but it remains true, the most awesome thing about our website is that it provides a means for us to make new friends. We have had numerous cruisers roll up to our boat in their dinghies, simply to tell us that they’ve been following our blog and after spotting our boat, they just wanted to say Hi. The most recent ones in this category are the couples on Kyros and Blue Pearl.

Note: If you visit their blogs you’ll see that both of those boats are now a fair bit south of us while we’re still here in St. Martin. 🙁 We spoke to another friend, John, last evening and he relayed his recent less-than-great experience on the mooring balls at Saba. That reaffirmed our belief about how necessary it is to wait for proper weather before traveling to that island.

In addition to the above, we’ve also had others contact us via email to tell us that they’re going to be in our area and would like to hook up. This is what happened yesterday. The pic below shows us with Dave and Amy, a couple of fellow Canadians, and future cruisers, who are visiting St. Martin on vacation. We had a chance to meet up with them yesterday afternoon and share a couple of drinks, something we very much enjoyed (the visit that is, not necessarily the drinks).

We had a nice visit with Dave and Amy.

In other news, if you’re interested in reading the email interview that we did with the Fifty Point Yacht Club, it is now online on their website in their February 2013 newsletter. If you take the time to read it, please let us know your thoughts.