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I may have said this in the past but it remains true, the most awesome thing about our website is that it provides a means for us to make new friends. We have had numerous cruisers roll up to our boat in their dinghies, simply to tell us that they’ve been following our blog and after spotting our boat, they just wanted to say Hi. The most recent ones in this category are the couples on Kyros and Blue Pearl.

Note: If you visit their blogs you’ll see that both of those boats are now a fair bit south of us while we’re still here in St. Martin. 🙁 We spoke to another friend, John, last evening and he relayed his recent less-than-great experience on the mooring balls at Saba. That reaffirmed our belief about how necessary it is to wait for proper weather before traveling to that island.

In addition to the above, we’ve also had others contact us via email to tell us that they’re going to be in our area and would like to hook up. This is what happened yesterday. The pic below shows us with Dave and Amy, a couple of fellow Canadians, and future cruisers, who are visiting St. Martin on vacation. We had a chance to meet up with them yesterday afternoon and share a couple of drinks, something we very much enjoyed (the visit that is, not necessarily the drinks).

We had a nice visit with Dave and Amy.

In other news, if you’re interested in reading the email interview that we did with the Fifty Point Yacht Club, it is now online on their website in their February 2013 newsletter. If you take the time to read it, please let us know your thoughts.


  1. I really enjoyed your interview. Two things stood out. First, a comment regarding “Scuttlebutt”, I noticed the Outdoor Day event….Skating On The Pond. Living in Florida, there is just something fundamentally wrong with that! If it’s that cold, you have an Indoor Event!

    Seriously though, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview. The best question / answer that you had was about your worst experience and your answer that you really haven’t had any bad experiences. Everyone should learn a lesson from that. Although, I am sure you have had some experiences that you would prefer not to have again, it is how you respond to those experiences that counts. If we all looked at life the way you and Rebecca look at your adventure, we would all be much better off. You take each day as a positive, even when you have had a less than ideal passage, are frustrated with a repair, etc. Thanks again for letting us share in your adventure.

    • Hi Chip

      Thanks for the comment, and for sharing your observation! I actually have a note to myself to write about a similar topic in a future post.

  2. Sorry we left just as you got back from your trip. Would have been nice to get together. We’ll watch for you down the way!

    Glen and Pam on Blue Pearl

    • Hi guys, no worries. I’m sure we’ll see each other again down island.

      I laughed a bit at your description of your trip from St. Barth’s to St. Kitts. It paralleled ours almost exactly!

  3. Loved the interview, and as I have read your entire blog, it was a nice recap of some of your experiences. I do love your positive attitude for everything and this is why you have made it this far. Nothing is easy, but if you love it, its worth it and you two do love the sailing life, it shows in your blog! Cheers and happy sailing!

  4. Mike,

    Great interview! That’s why we follow you and Rebecca. You guys are refreshing, honest, and a true inspiration. A very wise man once said:

    “Some people look for excuses to avoid doing anything interesting or frightening or challenging..” You guys definitely don’t fit that mold and we are inspired because of it……WAIT! I think you said that…….:) 😉
    See….we ARE listening!

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