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1. Sunsets are awesome unless you happen to be navigating through narrow, shallow channels while heading west at about the time they are occurring, in which case they are annoying and potentially dangerous.

2. Cruising friends, who upon seeing you arrive post-sunset to an anchorage after a long day of travel, invite you to their boat for dinner, offer to let you shower on their boat AND share their cookies, ROCK!

Just under an hour outside of Turner Creek, GA, our intended anchorage last night.


  1. Showers and cookies….wow thats big…really big….see you soon…

  2. Wow – Georgia already. Are you managing to stay below the critical “shorts and tee shirt” latitude? Sitting here with temps in the 40’s, I am insanely jealous!


  3. I feel the same way about sunsets when driving down the freeway to the west. They can be totally blinding.

    Sounds like a fabulous welcome to Florida though. Aren’t friends the best? I love my friends.

  4. If someone shared showers, dinner, and cookies I would follow them the rest of the trip!

  5. Because I work Mike, I go to the office in the morning and it is dark and I leave work and it is dark…What is a sunset? Congratulations guys…You must feel awesome

  6. It’s nice to hear another great story about the generous cruising community!

  7. Bravo! Sailors look out for sailors! I guess I should say boaters look out for boaters, since our friends who proceed under power ALL the time are also generous!

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