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In Rebecca’s absence, I spent most of yesterday morning sorting through our under-berth lockers with the intent of organizing our “stuff” and purging. Having now been cruising on the boat for six months, there is a list of things, albeit a short one, that we have deemed unnecessary and Georgetown is a perfect place to get rid of them.

Three things definitely making the cut:

  • Rock climbing shoes – I haven’t climbed in years so it’s very unlikely that I’ll be ascending any walls in the near future.
  • Two Laptop cases – Our laptops are now transported encased in two layers of dry bags.
  • Boxing focus mitts – We actually have two pairs on board. We’ll be keeping the nice set that our friend Karl gave us because they offer a great means for a workout, but two pairs? A bit overkill.

While Rebecca is back home braving the cold, I was reviewing some of the pics we took only one year ago. This is the sailing that we were watching last February. Quite a bit different!

Also, I took advantage of my time alone to watch a very “chilly” documentary: Touching the Void.


  1. My motto…If I don’t use it in 6 months, I throw it out or give away!

  2. Sounds like you’re missing your favorite girl – a lot!!! Good news is – women love a man that will clean up and clean out. It’s called chore play – as seen on CBS This Morning several months back!

  3. Six months already … it seems like just yesterday! Maybe that means we’ll be out there with you guys in no time?! =)

  4. You’re such a good man. Most guys would be at the bar hanging with the guys.

    It’s going to be a spic and span boat for Rebecca to come home to.

  5. I’m sure she will be glad to get home. I only wish that it had been a happier reason for a quick trip back to Canada. Good on ya for the work you are doing while she is gone.

  6. Touching the Void came out just after my climbing partner and I finished a 10-day trip climbing ice and snow in the Tetons. He swears he had to be the most frightened person in the theater, because HE then new how dicey some of what they depicted really was. Belaying another climber on really steep snow is VERY creepy, because nothing is sure and everything is moving. Far more creepy than ice or snow.

    Really, we quit climbing in the big mountains soon after that.

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