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So often when Rebecca and I are talking, I will come up with a thought that is so far removed from our topic of discussion, the question has to be asked “where did that come from?” At times I will be able to link my thought’s chain-of-events to explain it. Other times? Not even close.

I bring that up because when searching Google for info on a subject you never really know where it may lead you. I have been giving considerable thought to the Watermaker challenge, and my research has netted a few good resources. For those who are interested I suggest you check out the following links:

Committing to a Watermaker


I am not completely positive how my search ended up there but I found myself reading about composting toilets, which are toilets that do not use water (obviously there is a link, but I certainly wasn’t searching for it). I would, initially, never have considered such an item but the benefits talked about on the websites dealing with them seem to be considerable:

  • Easy to install
  • No water
  • No smell
  • No holding tank required
  • Relatively low cost

Downside? I guess it would take getting used to, but doesn’t everything on a boat, including the typical marine head?

Hear are some links on the subject that I came across:

Upgrading my Marine Head to a COMPOSTING TOILET

Air Head Dry Toilet

Nature’s Head

Just another thing that appears worthy of consideration.