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There is no question, one must never underestimate the power of the sea. Every now and then that lesson gets driven home hard. Yesterday, while Rebecca and I were safely at anchor, we overheard some radio traffic between the US Coast Guard and one of the local day charter boats. Apparently someone had been washed offshore at the Bubby Pool on Jost Van Dyke. From news reports posted on the internet, we would come to learn some of the details of the tragedy (Report 1).

South Bay, on the south side of Ginger Island, a perfect spot to hide from the north swell.
We had the anchorage all to ourselves last night.

We have visited the Bubby Pool on a few occasions and can attest to the power of the waves in that area. At present there is an exceptionally large north swell running which perhaps is making the area a bit too dangerous. At least in this tragic case it was. Our sincere condolences go out to the families and friends of the deceased.

The video above shows what the Bubbly Pool is like under “normal” conditions.
Even then, the power of the waves is immense.


  1. A little Bubbly goes a long way! We’ll be cracking the bubbly on the bow on March 16th to launch our South Pacific trip! Great to hear you laughing! Miss ya!
    Maureen and Wade
    S/V Just Drifting

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