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As I wrote yesterday, we were happy to have our friends Wade and Maureen arrive here in Grenada. We’ve enjoyed spending some time with them, including helping them to lose their virginity at last night’s Hash. Fun times.

It is a bit of a bitter sweet time for us though as our other friends, George and Katherine on Earthling, have now left the island after hauling the boat at Grenada Marine. We have cruised on and off with George (more on than off) since mid-January and have had plenty of good times together. An established fact of cruising though is that people come and go into your lives and you need to deal with it. This, of course, happens on land too but with the transient nature of the boating lifestyle, it happens much more frequently here. Fortunately, in some cases, we’re lucky to have good friends re-enter our lives at a later point, which is what we hope will happen with our Earthling buddies. Others, due to their traveling plans, make that less likely to occur, but we can still always hope.

Best wishes George. Make sure you don’t get hung-up on land. We expect to see you back out here at the end of H-season.

George looks on as Earthling flies through the air. Check out George’s post where he details the steps he took before leaving his boat at the yard.


  1. It said they were unexpectedly in Barbados. I hope everything is OK..

  2. Happy Canada Day Mike & Rebecca! Will you be sporting any red and white today? Just wondering if in the cruising community any of your home national holidays get celebrated. It would be interesting in such an international group or will it be mostly partytime on Wednesday with the 4th with lots of Americans in the mix? When is Carnival in Grenada? Will you be there for it?

    • Yes, especially if the rain stops and we can get to the beach where we had planned to celebrate. Get-togethers for holidays are often planned, some small and informal and others larger and more elaborate. We’ll see how these ones end up.

  3. Hey Mike, thanks for linking to my blog. It has been a pleasure sailing and cruising with you and Rebecca, you guys are like family to me now. I hope things work out on land and I can come back to Earthling soon. Miss you guys already
    One Love

  4. Oh my I’m just catching up, Congratulations on that sweet baby. I’d take that post over technical stuff any day. And Happy Canada Day. I’ve been away from reading several days. Al had his surgery to remove his brain tumor last Wednesday. Unfortunately he suffered a stroke during the operation and so the only water we are seeing now is from the seventh floor sun room at the hospital. I’m so gladwe got to spend three years on a boat.

    • Thanks Jennifer. So sorry to hear about Al’s complications. Please give him our best.

      People who keep putting off the cruising thing until TOMORROW need to read and re-read this comment!!!

  5. I’ve enjoyed reading about George’s adventures. I wished I I known when he had sailed down through Alabama. I would have made an effort to greet him somewhere. Following y’all makes me feel like we actually know each other some times…not stalker creepy, but you know what I mean.

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