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Contrary to what our needs-to-be-updated FAQ page indicates, we have been without a point-and-shoot camera for some time. All of the images that we have been posting since quitting One Love have been taken with our iPhone. While the iPhone’s camera is excellent, it really doesn’t lend itself well to our nautical lifestyle. With our daughter slated to visit, we decided that it was time to rectify that lack-of-camera situation.

Technology changes quickly so, even though we knew that we needed to buy a camera, we were’t sure which one to get. With a bit of Google searching, I found that (one of the) highest rated cameras in 2015 is the Olympus TG-4. Putting our faith in the reviews that I read, we decided to go ahead and order one.

Although we’ve only had the camera with us for a few days, we have been putting it through its paces. We’ve had it on the beach, in the water, and hashing in the bush. The camera seems quite robust, and the photo quality is excellent. The camera also has built-in WiFi so, by using a free smart phone app, you can upload pics from the camera to your phone, making them easy to share. I like that!

As I shared a link to that camera above, there is something that’s worth noting. Whenever our readers choose to purchase something from Amazon (by clicking links in the posts, or by using the search box in the right hand column), or from one of our other companies that we have affiliate agreements with, Rebecca and I earn a bit of cash. In most cases it is a dollar or less, but it does add up. I want everyone to know that we really do appreciate that support. I know that many of you are going to shop from Amazon anyway (that is where we purchased our camera), and we thank you for choosing to begin your shopping here on our page!


  1. I have the same camera and it is very tough! Took it on our trip to Antarctica and help up with the cold and wet. I’m sure you will be very happy with the camera. I’ll keep Amazon search on mind Cheers

  2. Wow! I’m sold on the wifi to smartphone app capability and crushproof up to 220lbs! It’s on my Christmas list!

  3. Mike that’s a great choice,

    We had the previous version of it and tested it’s waterproof capability.
    Supposedly waterproof up to 50 ft but I took to about 80 and it was still good 😛

    I noticed you were carrying one of the hashers, so if we come to grenada and passed out during a hash, you’d carry us to completion too right?!

  4. I used to have two older versions of this camera and loved them both!! Although I’ve never been to Antarctica, it worked flawlessly everywhere we did bring it.

  5. i have the second version of the Olympus Toughand I love it. Hope this version works at least as well

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