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Not much to say today so we’ll have to settle for some pics. 🙂

The flowers that we see growing along the streets here are just beautiful.

We see these land-crab traps scattered throughout the woods. We have yet to taste land crab though.

Hanging out at Clarke’s Court Bay marina.

Rebecca and the ladies twisting away at the recent CANUSA party.

Where are all the guys?

OK, I’ll dance if I have to.

Rebecca wasn’t satisfied with my performance on the dance floor
so she recruited someone to take my place.

The crew of Happy Times doing their best to keep the American stereotype alive.

Can you guess which of these four has not been drinking?

After a night of partying at Hog Island. Note though that this was not our party!

The Hog Island anchorage as seen from the hills above Roger’s garden.

Happy hour at Roger’s Bar.

The traditional non-muddy “before” picture prior to beginning last Saturday’s Hash.

The terrain on the Hash was as usual awesome.

Doing my best to not fall off the waterfall.

The Hash was long and the sun is setting.

The hills here are brutal!

Up in the clouds.

Do we look a bit muddy?


  1. The pictures and the smiles say it all … looks like ya’ll are truly “in paradise”.

  2. Pictures sometimes tell a better story than words….It also gives you a well deserved day off from thinking….We dont mind as readers seeing pictures…We love them

  3. No sympathy on the hash – self-inflicted punishment 🙂

    Lots of sympathy on the parties – self-inflicted punishment 🙂 🙂

    BUT, that picture of the anchorage! It looks incredibly crowded. Is it just the camera foreshortening things or are the boats really so close?


    • It is interesting how our perspective on what is crowded and what is not has changed as we have become more comfortable at anchor. This anchorage is not at all overcrowded although 6 months ago I might have said the same thing. Everyone IMO has plenty of swing room and there is still room for more boats. We have heard however that should a storm threaten, it will then become VERY crowded due to the shelter it provides.

  4. I have been paying attention to your time down there long enough to already see a best of collection of pictures? 🙂 Love it – in a totally jealous, masochistic kind of way!

  5. I think your lovely flower/bush is an oleander.

  6. John and Sharon Gaydon - Reply

    OMG, you take the very best pictures! I can almost visualizse us tipping a few and dancing a few steps and slides with you. Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who linger stateside awaiting our next trip to Happy Times.

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