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In addition to increasing the number of solar panels on Katana, and installing a wind generator, we are looking to purchase a stand-alone portable generator. This will be used to top-up our battery banks, if and when the sun and wind don’t do their jobs. The “gold-standard” for such a device amongst cruisers seems to be the Honda 2000. Like many items, it appears that there are much better deals to be had on these in the US than there are in Canada. I found one supplier in the US with very good pricing and free shipping anywhere in the US, BUT they won’t even ship to Canada (free or otherwise). 🙁 Our local Canadian distributor can indeed get them in, and they will sell it to us for Full List Price + another $50.00 (for freight & PDI, whatever that is)! 🙁 🙁 This is a difference of several hundred dollars no matter how you look at it. We have a buddy from NYC staying with us right now. I think I’ll just get it shipped to him and he can turn around and send it to us.


  1. Why bother having it shipped into Canada? You’ll pay duty and taxes on it when it comes across the border.

    Instead wait until you leave. Once you are in the states you can stop for a few days anywhere along the route south and have one shipped to you duty and tax free straight from the supplier.

    You’ll save hundreds of dollars.

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