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Swallowing the anchor, the term used to describe the act of giving up a water-based life for one on land. People who have “swallowed the anchor” sometimes refer to themselves as CLODS, Cruisers Living on Dirt. As mentioned in previous posts, we’ve known many people who have decided that full-time boat life is no longer for them. Where they ultimately ended up is as varied as the types of boats that they sailed on before their transition.

After swallowing the anchor, where do they end up:

  1. Some folks have a relatively easy transition, returning to the home that they never fully gave up (often, while people are cruising, their homes are rented out to maintain an income stream). This is especially common for cruisers who began their travels with a fixed timeline, a sabbatical of sorts.
  2. Others, after selling their boat, end up buying some property, often geographically close to where they initially set off from, but not always.
  3. Another group, not quite ready to settle down, change from keels to wheels, moving from water-based travels on a boat to land exploration in an RV or motor home.
  4. The last group we know of, not quite completely done with cruising, hedge their bets by keeping their boats and continuing to cruise 6 months of the year. Some spend their off-the-boat time in a residence, while others, like Banyan, opt for a land yacht. Coincidentally, our friends Carl and Carrie, the folks that I mentioned in the post I linked to yesterday, are presently moving in that direction.

As for us, while land exploration is definitely appealing, I don’t think a big motorhome is our cup of tea, nor could we afford one. We’re more the VW camper van type, especially if we could get one decked out in cool hippy colors.

If we were going to go for a big motor home, I think it would have to be something like this. It reminds me of the Hummer that we used to own.


PS: Yes, this post was written as such to simply create a bit more suspense. Isn’t this fun? For the record, we have no intention of purchasing an RV. 🙂

By the way, if you have no idea why I am posting about this, you’d better backtrack a bit and read this post.


  1. Do you enjoy teasing your readers? Because this right here is how you tease your readers. Brilliant BTW. I’ll have to remember it for my blog.

  2. Boo! Because I have a nice one for sale.

  3. So I haven’t seen anything about the fate of your boat…did I miss it?

  4. Praying the best for you two! The inspiration you’ve given to so many through sharing your experiences is immeasurable!

    I really hope that this turmoil you’re both in ends soon!

    Karibu Safari!

  5. If you don’t want a big RV, check out the tiny home movement. You have your own custom home, built on a trailer base, and pulled by a pickup truck. It’s not at all like an RV inside, it’s like a real house. You can check out the sites on the web, see the houses, watch videos of the build, talk to the people living in them, etc.

    • Hi Helen. I have seen several photos and articles about what people are referring to as tiny homes. I think it’s cool, and would more than satisfy our needs should we be ready to settle down. It seems to me though that the price tag for many of them is anything but tiny.

  6. Waiting patiently for your next round….for us one day may come where we find ourselves too old and fragile to sail, but that will never cease the wanting to wonder the world in our hearts.

  7. I’m seeing a number of references to Australia… You guys coming Down Under?

  8. Hi. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your story. I’ve read your blog from post 1 and it’s been an inspiration to me. We are currently downsizing and preparing for a life of cruising in a couple of years.

    I wish you luck in your next adventure and I hope you continue to post about your travels. Fair winds.

  9. Funny, Dionna and I were just talking about how people will just read a headline and see the picture and make conclusions without reading the post. Then she says: “Are Mike & Rebecca buying an RV?”

    There are some many opportunities out there to explore – why wouldn’t you?

  10. I have cruised the Caribbean for 10 years but now have bought a 2 bedroom villa in Jolly Harbour Antigua with a dock for the boat right outside the back door. Best of both world’s? Ask me in 12 months but right now seems a great option.

  11. Well if you guys ARE thinking of the RV lifestyle, we would LOVE to meet up with you out on the road!!!

  12. Wow – you had me worried for a minute! Karen and I are land yacht lubbers living as camp hosts in a fifth wheel, California Coast. Looking forward to meeting you guys on the water!

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