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The response to yesterday’s post was immensely heartwarming. The moral support that we have received, both from folks that we have met in person, or from those who frequent our website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram), is almost overwhelming. It’s especially amazing since I have yet to share any of the practical details. One thing that did kind of surprise me yesterday was the large number of comments from people stating how my confession made them sad. It surprised me, but the truth is, I get it. In fact, I wrote how many times, when faced with similar circumstances, I have felt the same way!

Read what I wrote here: What scares me, and why!

In addition to what I wrote in that post, I can also see why those new to cruising, or those who are still in the planning stages, may be put off by my comments yesterday. They may see my confession to be more fuel to the fire of doubt, making them question even more their decision to do something crazy like selling all their stuff, buying a boat, and setting off cruising. To those people, I can simply say, relax. Our situation is particularly unique, as I’ll share when I am able to. But that aside, we have had close to seven years of amazing experiences on the water. Remember the quote from yesterday:

Nothing has to be forever to be worthwhile.

Of course, yesterday’s post no doubt has our one or two haters dancing a jig. Or perhaps, unbeknownst to us, there is an entire troupe of people dancing? Certain people seem to feel that someone else’s misfortune by comparison makes their situation seem better. I find that line of thinking strange, and sad actually, but tend not to concern myself with it.

In closing, thanks once again to all those who sent us messages of support. Your kindness is appreciated more than you can know. By the way, we especially appreciated the invitations that we received to come visit. People making those offers should be careful, we may just take them up on it!