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You’d think that while sailing for 17 hours I’d have time to write a proper post but unfortunately not. The truth is that, for me, typing on the computer and sailing do not go hand in hand. It’s pretty much a sure fire way to make me nauseous. We were able to take some photos though and now that we’re safe and sound in Trinidad, we’re able to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them.

As the only internet connection available to us at this moment is very weak and intermittent, it did take several hours to upload this post. Hopefully tomorrow we can source out something better!

Bye bye, Grenada. We already miss you!

We’ve never sailed this far south. How exciting.

It makes us both happy to be on the move again.

There’s no better place to enjoy the sunset than on a boat under sail.

Red sky at night.

A new day and a new (for us) island.

Welcome to Trinidad!

Glass like water.

Yeah, there are one or two boats in Chaguaramas.

Our unexpected Chaguaramas welcoming committee.

Heading in to the dock to clear customs.

All legal. Now the fun can begin.


  1. Have fun! Maybe you should keep going south and visit the Amazon River. Now that would be exciting and off the beaten path. My old boat CAPRIFOL and it’s previous owner went 200 miles up the river.

  2. Well done!

    Take good care of boat security there.


  3. Incredible pictures once again….Did you time your arrival as the sun was rising or did you stay off the coast a bit and wait

  4. Have fun playing in the waterfalls, Jessie knows of a great one, off the beaten path, where there are a lot of slides and swimming holes. Enjoy the doubles, my favorite Trini street food!

  5. Wow, some great pics and surely an exciting time ahead for you two. Have fun!!

  6. Yay! A new island to explore. Be sure to take extra safety precautions there. Just sayin’.

  7. My Internet connection dropped after bringing up only the outline of this recent post.
    “Breaking New Ground” headline followed by a blank page.

    Hmmm, what could those Zeros be up to I thought?
    Perhaps a subscription porn site?

    Ahh, evidently not. Something more wholesome and ultimately more fullfilling;
    a new venue! Yeh!. Looking forward to your reports.

  8. Nice pics, enjoy Trinidad!

  9. Hello again Mike and Rebecca:

    As many a veteran sailor will reinforce – “prepare, execute, tidy up”. And so it is that you have once again lived up to those fine words. Congratulations on another fine inter-island passage.

    We continue to enjoy the blog immensely and we are thrilled to see you now reach out once more to new horizons. Enjoy Trinidad and all that she has to offer. Keep us posted. We continue to live vicariously through both of you for now.

    Alan & Christina
    (s/v Mango Groove)

  10. Love the welcoming committee!
    The entrance to Trinidad via sea looks beautiful.

  11. Beautiful passage thanks for sharing. Welcome to lower latitudes.

  12. Cool beans. Chaguaramas is where Alistair was living on his boat when I met him on line in ’07.. He sold his boat there, a 54 foot ketch called Shakwe. Likely the name has changed. Have a blast, its getting colder in K-town but a bit warmer this week but Snow is inevitable. Groan, we will miss the south this year for sure.

  13. Beautiful pictures! Glad ya’ll had a nice sail!

  14. Glad to see you made it to Trinidad. We all can’t wait to learn about the local culture and topography through your cruiser’s perspective. Keep up the good work!

  15. Superb photos! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to learning more about your experiences in Trinidad.


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