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Over the course of its lifespan, one part of this site that has been updated several times is the FAQ page. In order to reflect the changes that we have gone through since its 2008 inception – from newbies preparing to cruise, to beginners on our first trip south, to novices exploring the Eastern Caribbean, to charter crew, to where we are now – I have tried to keep that page current, answering the questions that people seemed to be most curious about. There is, however, one part that has remained in its original form. That is the question, “How long are you going to do this for?” My answer initially is pretty much the same as my answer now, that we’d do it until it was no longer fun. Well, I’m ready to officially declare that we’ve finally reached that stage.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we’ve been dealing with some challenges as of late. Any regular reader of our blog could figure that out. The truth is, those challenges have been ongoing for more than a year. While I’m still not yet ready to share exactly what those troubles are, I will say that they have completely taken the wind out of our sails, and turned what should be an enjoyable experience into a battle. In other words, it’s no longer fun.

So, now what?

So, with that on the table, Rebecca and I have decided that, in order to preserve our sanity, we need to take a vacation from boating. Family members, and several of our closest friends, have already been made privy to the details of what this vacation will entail, and we thank them for keeping our confidence. As for the rest of you, I’ll post the exciting details shortly. Today though, in acknowledgment of Valentine’s Day, I will simply say that while our plans may have changed many times since we first got together, we never for a second considered changing who we’d like to share our adventures with. I truly hope that you all have someone to share your adventures with too!

We’re still working on that “unusual life.”


  1. Fair winds and following seas in wherever your new vacation takes you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and will continue to follow you guys.

    • Thank you, Joshua! We have every intention of continuing to document adventures.

      • I’m glad to hear that Mike because while you have inspired me and my wife to chase the dream. At first I thought the dream was sailing the Caribbean I realize the dream is actually finding a way to spend less of your lifetime working and more time experiencing adventures. While we are still on a course to head to the islands by wind or by motor (haven’t decided yet) we are also finding other adventures including our RVing. I look forward to what your adventurous spirit has in store for you.

  2. Dang it. I never got down there in time to buy ya’ll a beer.

  3. I cannot wait to see what happens next, and I certainly hope that things work out for the best! You guys are an inspiration to me, and honesty is always the best policy… especially with yourself!

    Cheers my friends! I’ll be reading!

  4. This lifestyle requires more ongoing and persistent effort than any other I know. I would be remiss if i didn’t say that I have wanted to quit it all multiple times in the last year alone!
    Mike, regardless of the path you and Rebecca choose I hope you continue to share and approach with the same lighthearted vigor that you two do now. Although a bit selfishly I will admit that we love following along in your adventures.
    Happy Valentines Day you two!!

    • Thank you, Matt. While I know that some may not be quite as interested in what we have planned, we tend to think that it’s a step up on the craziness scale.

  5. Hope the best for your future travels and endeavors. I enjoy reading and watching you guys through the lenses / portholes you have shared, seem to be really wonderful loving people full of common sense and adventure. Much love!

  6. Best wishes for you two on a new adventure.Like us you will find that the memories and friendships made while cruising will last forever
    Mike and Chris Link,formerly S/V Missing Link

  7. gonna miss yall…!!….good luck on whatever endeavor that yall chose to embark upon…!!!1..

    was hoping to see yall in Carriacou regatta .!! lol…

  8. What would I do without reading your blog each day?

  9. Gotta say I am surprised. But I do believe in change and I do believe in both of you!
    You are always welcome for an unusual adventure in C.R.! Much love, Maureen

  10. Whatever the future holds for you two, I’m sure it will be full of adventure! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  11. Over the years of following sailors, this need for a vacation seems to be a common occurrence. Take that break, however long you need. You’ll come back recharged and ready for more sailing adventures

  12. There is a saying I love…a mantra almost: ” You can have it all, just not all at once ”

    Best of luck for the next adventure!

  13. You guys along with ZTC (and that other wilder Canadian couple on “Slapdash”) are who and what got Vicky and I “back” out cruising. As you know when we were younger (almost before GPS) we had many years of cruising in the Caribbean and along the eastern United States. As time and life moved on, the fun factor and logistics of keeping that boat seaworthy and up to snuff, became a burden and more like we were prisoners to the boat. Not so much fun, so we sold out and ventured to land base opportunities. It was all good!

    18 years later…..

    The internet introduces us to ZTC and Slapdash. It was then that Vicky and I started planning our return to the cruising life, easy decision. After selling out most material possessions we got a much larger and well equipped boat and immediately got back into the lifestyle without a hiccup. We eventually made it back down to the islands. Life can be so good when your afloat.
    Then a personal crises erupted which took Vicky away from the boat. That’s almost past now but the hidden truth is, that over a year aboard alone for me, has whittled down my fun factor. Now Vicky will be shortly returning aboard, raring to go. I’m confident that I’ll bounce back with a full recovery, but at the same time knowing we’ll only do this as long as it’s fun, or forever.

    So Mike and Rebecca, Vicky and I both wish you well in your next adventure, knowing you’ll succeed in whatever goals you set. Just keep it fun and keep us all informed. (we too dream of that next adventure ( if physically able).

  14. You now make for two cruiser blogs we’ve followed who are transitioning away from a boat. Though I can’t escape being partly discouraged that sometimes “paradise” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, the fundamental inspiration remains. Thank you for that, and looking forward to following your next chapter.

  15. It took me fifteen years, but I finally got to the “it’s not fun” point last year. We sold the boat and haven’t looked back. No regrets!

  16. I can’t imagine what it is like to maintain and live on a yacht full time for years as a home! That must be a lot of effort. At the end of every sailing season, I breath a sigh of relief when the boat is out of the water and I can forget about her for a while and I can think of other things. So go think of other things – I bet it will feel really good.

    Will it be hard to say goodbye to Frost? Or is it just au re·voir? As for unknown troubles – I sincerely hope they are the kind that pass like clouds.

  17. when we got to that point we went to Europe and now have become 7 mo on boat and the rest on land – it works for us – as you say, you need to be sure you only do it while it still remains fun! There are plenty of options out there – will look forward to finding out what you two have come up with! Best wishes!!

  18. The world is a big and beautiful place. Though 3/4 of its surface is ocean, there is plenty new to see and experience on land as well. Plenty of beautiful places and beautiful people.

    “An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome”

    By its very definition, the thing that brought you to cruising can be the thing that makes it not fun any more. If it becomes familiar, normal, mundane even.. you get all of the sacrifice and hard work but a much less of the reward.

    I hope you are able to resolve the difficulties you are having. Regardless, I look forward to following you on your next adventure.

  19. I have to admit that when this post first popped up my throat got a little tight (what can I say? I’m a crier). I stumbled on to your blog early on quite by accident while dreaming via the internet. It fueled more dreaming, and inspiration nearly every day. So much so that we moved to the USVIs for a season. Luckily we got the chance to meet and spend some time with you both while there.
    I know I’m not alone in feeling connected to you. You’ve allowed us all to tag along on this wonderful ride with you. It’s a nod to your writing skills and your willingness to share. Thank you so much my friends, and if the next chapter leads anywhere near Parker County TX, you know how to get a hold of me.

  20. I get where you are coming from. The boat, the sailing, it is more part of “life” than it is sailing for sailing’s sake. The other day we were talking to a sailmaker about taking some pictures of the sails for evaluation.

    “The next time you’re on a day sail just take a few pictures,” he said.

    It hit me then that it was far easier to just say “OK” than to try to explain that we simply don’t “daysail” for the fun of it. We haven’t really done that since we started cruising. It’s too much of a pain in the neck to secure everything for a few hours of gallivanting around. Sailing is something we generally do to get from Point A to Point B. It’s not that we don’t enjoy it when we do it, but we don’t do it just to sail.

    It doesn’t mean we’re tired of the lifestyle, but it certainly affects our viewpoint. I can completely understand taking a few months off from the boat, too. Life on board is just…more work…than life ashore with all the modern conveniences. It is nice to be able to turn on the sink or the lights and not have to worry about refilling the water and the batteries!

    We’re still having fun, though real life does intrude more than the land bound realize. It’s not now and never has been all sitting under a palm tree with a coconut full of rum; we all know that but not many that haven’t done it do.

    Good luck with whatever you do!

    • I am happy to report that we occasionally did just go out for a day sail, a “jolly” as our British friend Susie would call it. It’s very uncommon though, especially amongst liveaboard cruisers. As you noted, it’s a lot of work. 🙂

  21. No one ever said you had to stick to just one happily-ever-after for the rest of your life. When it isn’t fun, change up your modality of awesome. Can’t wait to see where you guys end up next!

  22. Ouch. This one hit me right in the feels. I’ve been following you two for awhile now but this is my first comment. When I stumbled across your site I started reading at the beginning and read each blog until I got current. It’s been inspiring to follow your journeys, even exciting at times. The shocking conclusion to your time in the charter business felt like the “conflict” storyline of a favorite novel, and I could feel your pain and anger through the computer screen. Through the bad times and the good, your honesty and clarity of writing has made ZtC a daily read for me. It’s largely thanks to you guys that I’m about to get my ASA Basic Cruising certification and will have a Bareboat cert by the end of the year. I’d secretly hoped to run into you when I take my family for a bareboat charter in the BVIs in a year or two. Regardless, I have no doubt that whatever your next adventure is, you two will throw your hearts into it and have a blast together doing it.

    I do hope things improve for you, both with your vacation from boating and with the behind the scenes challenges. Maybe someday you’ll share with your audience what these challenges have been and perhaps we can learn from you yet again. Or maybe not. I’m sure that you guys will overcome and can find your next journey together. Hopefully we can come along when you do.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    ps. If your travels ever bring you to Southern California, I’m good for a dinner and a crashpad in exchange for ZtC stories 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Jeff, both for the kind words today, and for your efforts in making it through over 2500 posts! We’re taking note of that invitation. Our daughter lives in SoCal. 🙂

  23. Wow, just wow. I didn’t see it coming. I saw the headline between meetings, and just now had both the opportunity and the courage to read the article. I wish you all the best, and if you ever get up to Lake St Clair, in Michigan, please let us know. I feel I ‘owe you one’ for all of the adventure and knowledge that you have shared. We can go for a powerboat ride or a pleasure sail, or sit on a dock with a cold one. I would love you to meet my wife Kellie, some day as she has heard so much about you.

    Good luck with everything, I know you will find adventure, and I hope you find it together.

    Steve and Kellie

  24. Know how you feel guys. We just sold Journey here last week in OZ. Mostly for the same reasons you raise. (also the kitty was getting VERY lean! 🙂
    Next up, we bought a camper van road cruised for a week. Decided we wanted 4WD as we want access to the awesome remote things Australia offers. We’ll be out in the bush, and some at the coast and some urban for the next 6 months when our visas expire.
    Then what? We’re not exactly sure….

    Point is, that I knew that the fun/suck ratio had been off for a years. Nothing for onboard life was likely to change that. So time to do something else. 4.5 years and a little over 19k miles cruising was enough for us. Maybe we’ll do it again someday.
    Cheers! Wayne & Dana (the Galley Wench)

  25. Having followed you two from nearly the beginning, I have to say that among the most appealing things about reading your blog is the honesty you give. Thank you for that.

    Of course, I was a cruising full-time live-aboard when I first read your blog, now I’m not for a host of reasons, but one of them was it wasn’t fun anymore. I remember when the cruising bug first hit and I thought about how much I loved to sail. the love was NEVER for the destination, but for the beauty of just sailing, harnessing the power of the wind to propel you on a journey and the journey was its own reward. Fast forward to several years later and while the love of sailing remained (and remains to this day), I found that I was looking forward to the destination, the getting from A to B and getting OFF the boat at Point B, ASAP. A part of the cruising life had changed my viewpoint in ways I didn’t anticipate when I first started.

    So go on vacation, get away from the daily Frost adventures and explore some new ones. I remain a friend from afar, thrilled that you each have a soulmate to pursue the next adventure with.


    • Hi Mike. It’s funny that we both approached cruising from a different angle. To us the boat was always just a vehicle, and our home. That is not to say that we didn’t enjoy a nice sail here and there. Thanks for the long-term support. We appreciate it!

  26. Mike and Rebecca, Its been a great ride, thanks for letting me ride along thru your blog. I know your missing the grandkids. Mine keep me close. I’m sure your next adventure will be even greater. Have Fun!

  27. I don’t know what to say as we sit in Nassau Harbour. I am so sorry to hear of your journey’s directional change. Go with your heart. We all have challenges. Love to you and Rebecca from Peapod.

  28. I think it’s in your FAQ where you quote someone who said that yes they got bored of sailing after 6 years … but they were the best 6 years of their life!!

    It doesn’t have to be forever to be worth doing.

    Looking forward to the next chapter and glad that we can come along for the ride!

  29. You guys are the best and have, and will continue to, inspire. Best of everything to you as you head for whatever is next.

  30. I wish the best for you two wherever life takes you.

  31. Looking forward to your next adventure.

  32. If you need a real change of pace, come for a sail in Sjogin.

    Good luck with your next adventure. Glad to have been with you folks since the beginning. Look what David started. So proud.


  33. Very rare for something to last forever.
    Love if you get lucky, and you two have been lucky!

  34. I have been following you guys since the sell all of your stuff and sell the business stage. Your ongoing stories have helped me get through the crap you have to deal with owning a business. Now I am in the process off selling off the business, then to selling all the stuff that won’t be going onto a boat. Your inspiration is as strong as your character. Thank You for letting me sail along from my desk all these years. Soon I’ll be there. God, I cant wait! P.S. Want to buy a Medical Marijuana business in CO 🙂

  35. Wow! Been following you for a long time, enjoying from a far cold Sweden. I’ve been having the dream of setting out for as long as I can remember, but as you know, things have a tendency to happen and it all gets postponed. We decided two years ago that a change was long due and sold off and moved to southern Spain. Really without a plan but with some ideas.
    All I wanted to say really is that life itself is an adventure, and hopefully there’s still time to realize some of the dreams we all carry around. For us it ended up being a small bar on the beach, where we can still smell the sea every day, serving up beers and burgers, and instead of meeting you somewhere in the Caribbean, perhaps you’ll find the time to come by here in the future.
    Drinks are on me for all the hours of entertainment you’ve been giving me over the years.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do next. And thanks again guys!

  36. Thanks for sharing Mike.

    Good luck on the “vacation.”

    You guys will be OK. You’ve identified an issue and are dealing with it…and as always we get to benefit by learning from your great blog here.

  37. Been along for the ride for quite a while. It’s been interesting, inspiring and informative. Enjoyed getting to know you . Always thought it would be cool to catch up with you two and buy ya a cocktail or two. Wishing you two more cool adventures and the best on what ever your future holds.

  38. New adventures are always fun!! Can’t wait to hear about your plans!!

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