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Over the course of its lifespan, one part of this site that has been updated several times is the FAQ page. In order to reflect the changes that we have gone through since its 2008 inception – from newbies preparing to cruise, to beginners on our first trip south, to novices exploring the Eastern Caribbean, to charter crew, to where we are now – I have tried to keep that page current, answering the questions that people seemed to be most curious about. There is, however, one part that has remained in its original form. That is the question, “How long are you going to do this for?” My answer initially is pretty much the same as my answer now, that we’d do it until it was no longer fun. Well, I’m ready to officially declare that we’ve finally reached that stage.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we’ve been dealing with some challenges as of late. Any regular reader of our blog could figure that out. The truth is, those challenges have been ongoing for more than a year. While I’m still not yet ready to share exactly what those troubles are, I will say that they have completely taken the wind out of our sails, and turned what should be an enjoyable experience into a battle. In other words, it’s no longer fun.

So, now what?

So, with that on the table, Rebecca and I have decided that, in order to preserve our sanity, we need to take a vacation from boating. Family members, and several of our closest friends, have already been made privy to the details of what this vacation will entail, and we thank them for keeping our confidence. As for the rest of you, I’ll post the exciting details shortly. Today though, in acknowledgment of Valentine’s Day, I will simply say that while our plans may have changed many times since we first got together, we never for a second considered changing who we’d like to share our adventures with. I truly hope that you all have someone to share your adventures with too!

We’re still working on that “unusual life.”