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Swallowing the anchor is an oft used expression to describe what happens when cruisers decide to return to life on shore. We have known several couples who have followed this path, some of whom I have mentioned in previous posts. Our latest friends to go this way are Tim Ball and Linda Lepine. We had the good fortune to be able to hang out with them on numerous occasions here in the Caribbean and in our own selfish way, are sad that they’re moving on. This will, of course, be good fortune for some lucky boater who has the available funds to take over the helm of Matsu, Tim and Linda’s yacht.

Good luck guys. We miss you already!

We have sailed alongside Matsu on a couple occasions and she’s quick, always beating us to anchor. Not that we were racing or anything. 😉 When we shared drinks and snacks on her deck back in Grenada, we were impressed with how beautiful the yacht was and how professionally she had been taken care of. Wouldn’t it be great if one of our blog readers was the lucky one to assume ownership of her? Even better, he/she could sail her down to the Virgins so that we could share drinks on her deck one more time! The boat is currently lying in Annapolis and you can read all about her on the above link. Our best wishes go out to our friends in whatever path they now find themselves on.

In other news, thanks for all of blog readers who are also fans of our Facebook page for helping us to break the 2500 fan milestone!

2500 fans… woo hoo!


  1. She anchored right next to my boat Catmandu yesterday. She’s a real beauty! I can share a photo if you like.

  2. I guess we’re swallowing the driveway….

  3. “Swallowing the Anchor” sounds umm…gross.
    How about “You’ve come to the bitter end of the cruising rode”
    Running aground for good, …uh dang, whats that called when you let the tide leave you high n dry to do bottom work…?

    This is a good group for Nauitical puns, what would be a better term for “Swallowing the Anchor”?

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