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As frequently happens, we awoke just before 6:00 AM today without an alarm to rouse us. Rebecca had just gotten out of bed and was in the galley, preparing breakfast number one (her pre-workout meal). I made my way out of our cabin shortly behind her but while she was out on the trampoline taking care of her body maintenance, I began my daily engine maintenance checks.

Since we took possession of the boat, I have begun a routine of checking the engine oil, gear oil and coolant levels of both Yanmar diesels, and also making similar checks on the built-in diesel generator. The results of these checks are being logged in an Excel spreadsheet and will be shared with the Moorings service people later this week. As we all expected, our “shakedown cruise” has revealed a few issues that will need to be tended to before we leave the area. We are all a bit antsy to get moving but these things to be taken care of before we head to St. Maarten.

Saildrive gear oil leak? That needs to be addressed!

On a positive note, Rebecca is enjoying her greatly expanded galley and has been keeping Michael and I well fed. Just look at all those nice healthy veggies. Thanks, Rebecca… we both appreciate all your hard work!


  1. Bad news: Gear oil leak
    Good news: No water in the gear oil!

  2. Hello Mike and Rebecca! I started at day one a few months back and have finally cought up!!I have so much I want to share with you guys about my experience reading your blog … I found your blog because I had an interest in the whole cruising thing someday.. You guys taught me that someday is now! My wife and I are taking our first ever sailing lesson next week! (so pumped!) We won’t be able to take off to exotic locals for a while but in the mean time we plan on cutting our teeth on the new England waters! ( we are from central Massachusetts.) I look forward to posting more now that I’m current!!

  3. Ewwww, gooey bilge water. Hope they take care of that for you pronto, they most certainly should!
    I have a great gooey bilge story……(when you have the time, I’ll bring the beer)

  4. If the Moorings hauls you, it might be an inexpensive opportunity to install a dedicated thru-hull (if that is desired).


  5. Looks like we may be able to stay in your Hog Island spot a while longer. Re the oil photo; I know it too well. 🙁

  6. When those bilge float switches fail, look into replacing them with a Water Witch,

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