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For a while I really thought Rebecca and I were unusual. Well, I still do in many ways (most ways!), but I’m speaking now only about the lack of visitors that we have had on board ZTC since we set sail. Like many cruisers, I thought that our friends and relatives would be clambering all over one another to have a chance at a next-to-free vacation onboard a yacht in the Caribbean. I mean, we’re so excited about this, why wouldn’t everyone else be?

As it turns out, we are not alone in this experience. While some of our cruising buddies do seem to have a fairly full calendar of visitors, many are much like us.

Perhaps this lack of guests is because we are unwilling to quote a travel timetable down to the day. As in, we refuse to tell our friends that “we will arrive at ABC island on Sept. 22nd and after picking you up, will sail to XYZ island to drop you off at the airport on Sept 29th.” We know others who do, and sometimes it works out for them. On the other hand, we have other friends who have had their asses KICKED ROYALY by Mother Nature for painting themselves into such a weather corner.

There are ways around this of course, one of which is to have guests book tickets to an island a significant period of time in advance so that we have the opportunity to arrive there early and wait for their arrival. Departures can be dealt with by either remaining on the same island, restricting our travels to day sails in the same region, or by purchasing only a one way ticket, leaving the return ticket purchase until travel plans are more solidified.

The easiest time to visit of course is when we’re relatively stationary, as we are in Grenada during H-season. Last year we had our friend Carl spend a week with us here and we had an incredible time. We’re pleased that he has already booked tickets to return to Grenada later this year and will be spending Halloween with us. Did I mention that we had never actually met Carl before he first visited us? Yes, I have, but if you’re new to the blog, you might have not yet come across that important detail.

A friend of ours shared with me that he felt what I wrote in my post entitled Taking Chances on Peoplecut my throat” with respect to having guests visit.

I wrote:

Note to anyone else hoping to visit us though: You’d better be super cool, as both of our previous guests have been. They set the bar pretty high. You’d also better email us with a really great pitch on why we should clean up our “garage” to accommodate you. That is a lot of work.

That was obviously written tongue-in-cheek and fortunately, at least one person was not put off by my attempt at humor because yes, we have another guest due to arrive on ZTC. Michael, another newish friend, is slated to arrive in Grenada next Friday and like Carl, we have yet to meet him in person either. Crazy? Perhaps, but I did admit that we’re unusual. Do we have some fun things planned during Michael’s visit? You bet, and we’re looking forward to sharing all the exciting details here on our blog.

Rebecca’s bathing suit is available from our friend Carl’s company Conch Republic Bikinis.


  1. Michael’s a lucky guy …. he’s sure to have a blast! Love Rebecca’s picture!

  2. Oh, Katy and I would love to drop in on you for a bit! There’s just this little thing called “work” that makes it pretty much impossible to get away from Kingston for any significant period of time. We can dream, though….

  3. Hey I follow yall on your FB page. We are planning a trip on our 30ft Pursuit OS down into the Bahamas. Have to say, Rebecca looks super in yellow.
    Safe sailing and maybe we will cross ocean paths one day.

  4. You are exactly right in telling potential guests that you may not be able to meet them at a precise location at a precise time. Cruising doesn’t work that way.

    We have a strict rule on our boat: We will tell you where we will meet you, or we will tell you when we will meet you. But we will never tell you where and when we will meet you.

    The most dangerous item on a cruising boat is a calendar. Tell potential crew that if they have a schedule (I’ve got to get back to work by the 23rd…) that you’ll just have to do without them.

    Captain Larry and Saltwater Suzi

  5. That criticism seems a little harsh to me. I thought your tongue-in-cheek comment was neat, to the point, and quite funny.

    If I had the money, the youth and the fitness to join in with what you do I would have loved to have enquired about visiting you. Unfortunately none of those apply.

    Good luck with your new visitor.


  6. “tis a good lifestyle for keeping out of the riff raff

  7. I’d come for a week or so if I was in better shape. I’d never be able to keep up with the two of you on land!!

  8. I’ve been trying to find a time for Pat and me to come and visit, but with building the new house, there hsan’t been a chance. I (almost) have my occupancy permit, so maybe some time this winter. Lyndsay

  9. If I was to visit you, my demands would be…

    1) a complete workout on the foredeck with training lessons and limitations suggested from both of you every morning weather permitting.

    2) a maintenance or repair project of at least an hour or two a day cumulative on one project or multiple over the course of the week.

    3) one day assisting with cutting the lawn and or dingy cleaning on the beach.

    4) with a little coaxing, you can get me to polish some stainless, preferably a winch after we do a breakdown for maintenance.

    5) beer!

  10. We were wondering the same thing the other day – who would be the first to visit us on our just begun journey (of course, we’re not “south” enough yet for it to be exotic, LOL.) No doubt whoever comes to visit needs to be flexible n’est ce pas ?

  11. St John, BVI December of 2014…..Enough time?

  12. Hi! This is Michael’s girlfriend, Julie. I know you all will have a great time. Wish I could come down with him but kids and work will keep me here. I look forward to reading your blogs while he is there. Stay safe!

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