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I’m not quite sure what inspired me to do so but I invested a good chunk of my time yesterday editing and uploading a new sailing video. The compilation of footage includes some calm water sailing, a couple of squalls, a pod of dolphins and a secluded, private anchorage. What more could anyone want? If you have the bandwidth, use the little gear symbol on the Youtube box to select 720P HD when you watch it. And PLEASE share the link. If a lot of people get to see the video, it’ll make the time that I invested seem that much more worthwhile. Thanks!



  2. I think it is awesome Mike!

  3. WOW! What a difference HD makes. Watched first in regular, then went HD. Unbelievable difference. Thanks for the time and effort to make this 6 1/2 minutes happen.

  4. Beautiful.

  5. That was nice, she sure did look tiny in that anchorage. 🙂

  6. Great video Mike!! What kind of cat is this? I can’t wait to be back on mine in a few weeks. Fair winds sir.

  7. Very cool. Thanks!

  8. Time well spent! Loved it all the way through. In the beginning it made me miss our sailboat and wonder why we didn’t follow your path. Then the squall scene made me realize why. I am a “fair weather” sailor sad to say. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you on your travels.

  9. Thanks for inviting me aboard your catamaran. I was actually disappointed when it ended. You’re website is always the last thing I do before falling asleep each night. I feel like you’re the fire under me to keep me motivated to work hard, save hard, and learn as much as I can about sailing to allow the dream to stay alive.

  10. Great video. I appreciate the way music selection enhanced the feeling of the action.

  11. Good!


    Linked on


  12. Thanks for all the work on the video…’s great to see what its like to be out there and experience a bit of life aboard your boat….keep up the good work…

  13. Great video! Almost expected you to sell me a charter on One Love!!!! We on going to be in BVI on a charter in less than 2 weeks and this made it seem closer. Also in process of shopping for our own cat. We enjoy your blog very much and look forward to it every day.

  14. Great video. Especially love the nice sailing weather and the dolphins! Who doesn’t love dolphins? But Mike, you should really put ads on your videos. You don’t have to put a 30 second video in front of them, but at least an in-video ad. You can set this up through your youtube account settings. This will give you a few extra pennies a month, but hey at 210 views (amount as of my comment) and you make say a penny per click thats $2.10 and if you put out 2 videos a week/8 vids a month that is $16.80 (but I bet its less than that), but still how much beer can that buy you? Not much, but at least a few bottles more than you could have before. I am sure your readers would not mind the added ads, I sure wouldn’t mind, I am getting such great content from you.


    • It actually is set up for monetization, as are most of our videos (the ones which do not contain copy-written music). I don’t know how/when Youtube selects ads to place on them but it is set up that way.

  15. AWESOME video .. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  16. was showing your video to my friend who run a travel journalism school he wants to go sail now as well, posted a few designs (15)for ideas for a logo mearly as ispiration was sad to see them removed as pathetic as my child like drawings were, be very sad if you didnt see them I just thought I would invest some time doodling for appreciation for your mant hours that bring us followers enjoyment daily if you didnt get to see them becuase crowdspring took them down shiot me an email and I will send you them

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for thinking of us. I do appreciate it. Crowdspring only deals with finished designs, not rough sketches. That is why they were removed. We are also required to vote and comment on every submission. If we don’t, our rating decreases which can affect how many options are submitted to us. If you have some ideas that you’re really happy with, feel free to email them to me directly: zero to cruising ATT gmail DOTT com

  17. Great job on the video guys! The music was just right for each leg of the trip. I’ll share it on Facebook:)

  18. MAN! I love that video! Love the music too.
    You guys are such a couple of Lucky Ducks.

  19. Great work Mike! Lots of great shots and I particularly like the anchorage shot at the end! It does take a while to edit and put it all together doesn’t it… Well done!

    See you in a little while – Sheryl and I will be heading south shortly…

    Paul Shard
    SV Distant Shores II

  20. Nice.

    My first close encounter with dolphins (25 years ago) involved one spy hopping between the hulls of my beach cat. Since I was single-handing a 300-pound boat a few miles out, it startled the bejesus out of me. And I loved it and I’m still hooked on sailing. Took my 85-88 year old parents out this past weekend and got them in the water too!

    • Cool!

      We spent about 30 minutes amongst a pod of dolphins while we were in our dinghy. It occurred in the same anchorage that I used at the end of the video.

  21. That was great! Do more…..

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