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Here’s a fun little video that we put together from footage taken by our new GoPro HD Hero 2 camera. We had it attached to the bumper of our 4 wheeler as we toured around St. Barth’s last Saturday. Of course, watching the video is no where near as much fun as the tour itself was but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


  1. One that may not make it to the web…right?

  2. Why did you choose to go round during rush hour?

    Great, thanks! The roads are incredibly good. Whole place looks quietly lovely.

    Why is there so little shake on the pictures. They are very good?


  3. Hey Mike, Happy New Year. Looks like you two are enjoying it. Those Hero cameras are awesome. What was the song & artist you put to the video?


  4. I take it that driving on St Barth is Americanized i.e. driving on the right side of the road! Neat video; can a GoPro in our future.

  5. I LOVED that!!!! What a fun day! Almost made me feel like I was there.

    The roads look in great shape there, much better than Tortola! And no switchbacks!

    If I ever make it to St. Barth’s, that is a must do!!

  6. That Go Pro Camera is Hella Cool! Its a steal too at the price it is. Thanks for that took me out of my office for a few!

  7. Mike,

    Another good song you may consider for a future video is Classical Gas…has kind of the same tone as the one in this video.

  8. Thanks for the video. Now that you’ve used it a little bit, are you happy with it? Do you have some cool ideas for it? I was thinking, as I renovate a house for boat money, that it’d be cool to have a kite cam on the boat and the GoPro seems to be ideal for that.

  9. Great video Mike, I thought for sure that was you playing the guitar on the background music. 5yr 4 mth 12days

  10. Love the video, and the music too! Looks like a lot of fun.

    We’re new to this video stuff. How long did it take to download this 5 minute video to You Tube? My little 3 minute video was taking hours, so I just quit for now.

  11. What’s the name of the song you used for the video?

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