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Funnels. Nope, there’s nothing at all glamorous about this piece of boat kit but they sure are essential, for us anyway. We have no less than 7 different funnels on board ZTC and still wish that we had at least 1 or 2 more. We use them to assist with fuel, water and oil transfers, tasks which seem to happen all too frequently.

Yes, funnels should be on the PBL (Purchase Before Leaving) list*. Before you set sail for places unknown, be sure to pick up a selection of them in a variety of sizes from Walmart or Home Depot. Although they do sell them in many places out here, you’ll no doubt be able to acquire them a lot cheaper back home at stores like that.

*I plan on adding to the PBL list as time goes by.


  1. No funnel with a built in water separator?

  2. And then label appropriately too?
    What/how do you label ’em to make sure you don’t put water in the oil, etc.?

    That PBL will be interesting.

    • To tell the truth they are not labeled at all. Because they are stored in separate places and are different shapes and colors, I just know which one to use for which purpose.

  3. I dunno. When I read the fine print on the “water separator” funnels, it made me glad I had an in-line Racor system.

    FWIW, what do you do with the “water” that gets separated?


    • We have in-line Racor filters too but even so, we still filter every drop of fuel before it goes into the tanks. The downside to the WM filter that we have it that it always leaves a bit of fuel in the bottom. Not necessarily water… it could just be fuel. This is due to the design of it. When done adding fuel to the tank, we take this little bit that remains and put it in a small gas container. They next time we add fuel to the tank we run this portion through the filter again, repeating the process of storing the excess in this separate container.

  4. Dont you use funnels for beer drinking games????

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