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Today’s post, like many in the future will be I assume, was written and then set to auto-publish at some later time. In this particular case, I wrote it on Wednesday evening, knowing that our plans had us leaving Brewerton to cross Lake Oneida at dawn on Thursday, weather permitting of course.

Lake Oneida is both largish and shallow. Because of the limited depth, it apparently can kick up waves quite easily and with our mast hanging in the balance on top of 3 – 2x4s, we need to be careful. The issue is not only the wind-induced waves though. What we have come to learn is that there is an equal threat caused by the wake from unknowing (and STUPID!!!) power boaters.

Note: We know that blog follower, frequent commenter and power boater John would not fall into this STUPID category.

On our first day in the canals, we had a taste of this and came to the conclusion that we weren’t happy with how we had our mast secured fore and aft. We tried to use trucker’s hitches to lock it in place as we have side to side, but it just didn’t seem as effective. With a bit of creative thinking, we figured out a way to run lines around the mast, secured around the spreaders, back to the winches. By winching it tight in both directions, the mast now feels 10 times as secure (That 10x figure is a very scientific number folks. I’ll describe how I calculated it in some future post 😉 ).

Anyway, wish us luck in our lake crossing.

These two buoys (look closely) mark the intersection of the
Oswego Canal System and the Erie Canal System.

Rebecca working out on-route, again.

One bathes when one gets the chance. In this case it was while on the move.

Our first lock on the Erie canal and the first lock which we had to wait for other boats to exit before we could enter.

Welcome to Brewerton.


We are so far south now that they even have palm trees growing here.

We watched about a dozen kids jump off this bridge right behind our boat. We then watched a police officer give them all tickets! Good thing we were a bit slow getting our suits on or we might be posting this from some upper state NY jail cell!


  1. First off, I am honored to be mentioned in the number one followed blog in the world..I feel like a true american idol…On that note, I am probably the only power boater to not throttle up until I have passed a sailboat…..My largest wake is at 10 -12 knots…..I take full responsibility for my wake and can wait another 3-5 minutes to pass a slowboater…….I respect you guys…..I am a sailor too!!!! It has been brought to my attention that Rebecca has a tramp tatto……Would this be correct….Could you re-post the picture of Rebecca bathing…The picture has two black lines across it…..One day when I am out there, I am going to use Revlon home hair dye and join the Owen Wilson fan club…By the way, the police were not giving tickets…They give the kids a certificate of achievement award when they jump…..

    • John, if you know your wake that well, feel free to pass me in a narrow channel anytime 😉
      The enormous wall of water created by a 40′ express cruiser at 12 knots is among the worst things I regularly encounter on the water. I’d rather deal with 5-foot swells than with a channel full of big powerboats (and remember, I’m usually in a 15′ runabout).

      Those palm trees do look plastic to me…. but I’m sure you guys will encounter the live variety soon enough 🙂

    • And I thought the black bars were my monitor..good to know

    • As a powerboater and occassional sailor, it pisses me off when power boaters do that to a sailboat….I see it all the time even with people in Kayaks……Courtesy and good common sense seamanship…….Ferry boats up here are the worst offenders……

    • John:
      Re: #1 blog in the world… not yet.
      Re: Controlling your wake… you need to give seminars on this subject to the boaters around here!
      Re: Tattoo… smart people would be a bit more respectful and not refer to it as a tramp tattoo, especially to a woman who could likely kick your ass!
      Re: Photo… my original has those black marks too. They are a new type of bikini.
      Re: Hair dye… it’s the sun. 😉
      Re: certificates of achievement… the kids didn’t seem too pleased to receive them.

  2. No, I won’t be the first one to comment on the black stripes across your lovely wife’s body…..oh crap, I guess I just did!lol

  3. I’m confident you’ll have a fine lake crossing. Great pics!

  4. It appears that Brewerton is appropriately named…

  5. Those palm trees are FAKE!

    I know my palm trees.

  6. Helen A. Spalding

    It looks as though both of you are having fun and working to stay in shape. And Mike, if you think the Lake Oswgo power boaters are bad, wait until you get to Florida and have to deal with what my son refers to (at least when I am present!) as bumble bees as well as HUGE powerboats which enjoy making sailboats rock and roll! 🙂 Of course, we know that the powerboater in Jacksonville would NEVER do such a thing! 🙂

  7. FWIW, I got the black bar thing too! Could it be a virus?? Mike, feel free to send me an email with attachment and I will post the photos on my site to see if the bars re-appear – 😀

    Back to wakes. There are jerks and gents (aka – nice folks!) in them power boats. In general, there are a lot more gents as you get into the ICW south of Norfolk, VA. We always keep the VHF on 16 and when we see a PB coming up on our stern, we edge to the right, slow down and hail them asking for a “slow pass”. We almost always get it and also frequently get hailed by the passing PB first!

    When you get to that night’s anchorage, give a few of them a hail and they will likely invite you over for a drink. Great to see how the other half lives!

    Fair Winds,

  8. Wow so great you are off on the journey and you are making great headway. not sure if you are planning a stop in nyc, we stayed a week and i’d go back in a heart beat. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey and don’t rush to the destination. We have been official liveaboards for a year now. Lots of surprises and changes to plans but we r loving the lifestyle. We are in belhaven, nc at dowry creek marina til october – ishh. If you blast by us take time to stop for a drink or something.

    Jennifer, Al and Miss Bridget
    m/v.close knit

  9. Hello, Great to see you on your way!!!! I canot acsees my facebook page. Please keep in touch
    I cant wait to see you in annapolis… Cheers

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