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It looks like we’ve got a bunch of takers for our Reality Cruising Adventure. How cool. 😉

Perhaps when people graduate from that course they could move on to our Advanced Island Exploration course. What do you think?

The first thing we saw after climbing the hill on Great Bird Island was this cool arch. Nice!

ZTC is anchored in the distance.

These birds didn’t seem all that keen on our exploring their island.

The higher points of the island are pretty windswept.

Yes, I am sucking in my stomach. 🙂

After reaching one end of the island, we’re working our way back through the rough brush.

A “bonsai” tree?

If there were goats on this island, I bet they would love this spot!

Back to the beach, at low tide.

How many people do you think have taken pics by this piece of driftwood?

The beach on the northern side, a nice little bay popular with the day-charter cats.

There are plenty of prickly things on this island!

The huge Cacti and Agave plants (we think that’s what they are)
reminded us of the movie Jurassic Park!

Seriously, they keep getting bigger.


I’d better not lose her.

Or myself!

These are pretty sharp to be sitting on.

And forget about hugging the cacti!

Rebecca almost stepped on “the rarest snake in the world!”

After an hour or more of exploring, we’re almost back to our starting spot.

A “personal-sized” palm. Nice!