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Another favorite question: “Where will you start?” This is typically one of the first few questions asked by friends and family, after their heart rate returns to normal from the shock of us sharing our cruising plans. Our only slightly tongue-in-cheek response is that we will start wherever the boat is. Our plan (and again I stress that is a very loose interpretation of the word plan) is to purchase a boat in Florida and then sail South(east) to the Bahamas. Although there are boats for sale everywhere the location you purchase yours does significantly affect your initial cruising grounds. For example, we have totally ruled out any boats on the West coast due to the difficulty in getting them back to the Caribbean.

The corollary to the “where will you start” question is “where will you go?” Again, working on the assumption that we are able to purchase a boat in Florida we will initially head to the Bahamas. If we make it that far without incurring major damage to ship or self we will follow the islands Southward, enjoying ourselves as we go.

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  1. Yeah those pesky friends and relatives…so many questions…

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