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As anyone in the tropics will tell you, the sun kills everything down here! Plastics that are exposed to the elements are particularly vulnerable. Just the other day I had a clothespin, that was purchased not all that long ago, virtually crumble in my hands. I was able to snap it into tiny pieces as easily as I could snap a small twig. It was the sun that made it that brittle. Fortunately we’re not talking about an expensive item there. But what if we were?

You may have read about how Rebecca has sewn covers for the jerry cans that we keep on deck, and also for our Honda 2000 generator. Obviously that will protect them. But it dawned on me the other day that, because we apply sunscreen to ourselves to protect our bodies from the damaging rays, there must be products available that would do the same for plastics. And of course there are, plenty of them.

I have no opinion on the particular spray that I picked up at the local grocery store here, other than it was about half the price of the Armor All spray, which is why I chose it. I will say that it made the Honda look all shiny and new after I applied it today though. I’ll let you know my longterm experience with it down the road.

Rebecca and I, along with our friends on Earthling, are setting sail this morning, bound for Barbuda. We have no idea about the Wi-Fi availability there so if there is a break in the daily-posting schedule, DON’T FREAK OUT, please! We’ll be back, I promise, and we’ll bring plenty of cool pics and stories with us!