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As yesterday was a “no work, little activity” day, I was able to catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs. Two that I always learn something from are Boat Bits and Sail Delmarva. Drew, the author of the latter blog, also has great taste in boats. He owns a PDQ 32, like our beautiful ZTC which is still waiting for the right owner to sail her away!

Another site that I spent quite a bit of time on yesterday is Attainable Adventure Cruising. You may recall that I mentioned that site the other day in this post. I admit though that while I am learning a lot on that site (you need to purchase a membership to access most of the material), I really think that I need to stop going there quite so much as it kind of freaks me out. Reading their posts makes me realize all of the things that we likely “should” get organized before sailing south, and doing so would almost certainly require me to get a job for another year, a prospect that I am not at all interested in.

Photo taken during our “delivery” trip from Martinique to Grenada

Speaking of working, over the past few weeks we have had several people contact us to ask for a charter recommendation in the Virgins. In each case we have been able to put them in contact with friends, people we know personally, who have beautiful boats, and that we know will do an excellent job. Our friends have also offered to reward us with a small commission each time we make such a referral. Yes, that makes it a WIN – WIN – WIN situation! If you or your friends are looking to book a charter in the USVI/BVI, send me a message and I’ll put you in contact with friends of ours who will be able to help you.


  1. was looking some pictures that you posted……seems like u better make sure, that you have a good working heater on board…!!!!

    • Our new boat actually does have a heater installed. There are few bits that I need to fix to get it up and running but I “hope” that it works. Fingers are crossed!

  2. an aside……i used to follow a blog…..”RECETA”…..havent herd a word from them in about 2 -3 years…….have you any idea what became of them?…last i heard they went to South America……#just wondering

  3. Hi Mike,
    I’ve been enjoying your blog on and off for the last year or so. We charter in the BVI almost every year. A couple days ago you mentioned something about recommending some good charter companies. I’d be interested. Thanks.

  4. Boat Bits is one of my favorite reads when that I have that magic nexus of time AND internet access… so I’ll prob love your other recos too! I used to love AAC, but paying for content is the realm of folks with more disposable income than I have. I can’t share what I can’t read. Love this picture from the bow. And yeah, we all “should” do a lot of things, but there’s a whole spectrum of priority for what’s truly necessary (vs what we just want!). What’s your 2016 route? Wondering if we’ll get to intersect. 🙂

    • 2016 “plan”…

      beginning of january: grenada
      mid january: trinidad to haul boat
      later january: fly to panama, sail to Galapagos on Two Fish
      february: return to trinidad
      march: return to grenada to meet guests
      mid march: head west

      That’s about as much as we have figured out. 🙂

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